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IoT Pest Control Solutions​​

Thinxtra takes the guesswork out of pest control with 24×7 targeted rodent detection and monitoring solutions that deliver measurable improvements compared to traditional methods.

Benefits of Thinxtra's IoT Pest Control Solutions​

Connected devices detect rodent problems early for targeted treatment to prevent property damage, improve health and safety and protects the image of your property. Real-time monitoring helps you meet regulatory standards, improve success rates and reduces teh use of chemicals on-site.


Operational Efficiency

Pinpoint the location of pest problems fast, reduce time on manual management, cut treatment costs.


Asset Protection

Proactively meet ISO compliance standards and protect property, goods and assets from pests.



Protect business reputation by preventing customer pest complaints.


Customer Experience

Reduce health risks for employees, customers and visitors with targeted pest control.

How Thinxtra Solves Pest Control Problems​​

Place and connect motion sensors in properties and facilities to detect the location and volume of rodent activity.​

The Thinxtra 0G Network sends data over long distances in even the most challenging environments. ​​

24x7 pest activity monitoring without the need for manual checks in any location.​​

Data captured by IoT devices deliver visibility and control to optimise operations.​

Ratsense: Your Digital Rodent Surveillance Solution


Cre8tec IoT-Enabled Digital Pest Control​

RATSENSE, an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled digital rodent surveillance system remotely monitors rodent activities and provides data to support targeted treatment that improves the speed and efficiency of pest control practices, protects property and reduces the use of chemicals.

Not Just A Better Mousetrap

Adams Pest Control provides industry-leading commercial pest control services utilising RATSENSE, the innovative IoT-enabled remote 24/7 monitoring system. Adams’ delivers quick and efficient rodent monitoring business and property protection.

IoTree and Thinxtra Reinvent Rodent Control at the Yeung Uk Road Market with IoT-enabled RATSENSE Digital Rodent Surveillance


Safespray Pest Control Reinvents Traditional Rodent Management with Cre8tec’s IoT-enabled Remote Rodent Monitoring Solution

Why Thinxtra?

Thinxtra delivers IoT pest control solutions spanning:


Contact us to learn more about how our IoT-enabled pest control solutions help companies quickly pinpoint pest problems, target treatment, improve on-site health and safety, protect property and meet compliance standards.


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