Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring

Thinxtra’s IoT Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring solution improves operational efficiency, resilience and agility to respond to disruptions.

Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring


Reduce Loss


Customer Experience

Benefits of IoT Property &
Facilities Management Solutions

Gain real time visibility without manual checks through remote monitoring of your building conditions such as air temperature, humidity and quality, water leakage detection and pest activity.

Connected IoT devices provide the data insights to protect the value of your property, increase safety, minimise damage, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Operational Efficiency

Save time and costs by automating manual data collection to detect problems early and meet compliance requirements.

Asset Protection

Monitor and track assets to detect, control and prevent damage from water leaks, poor air quality and pests.

Health & Sustainability

Improve energy efficiency and reduce cost by optimising air conditioning, heating, ventilation and air quality.

Customer Experience

Create a better tenant experience, a healthier, more comfortable environment and reduce customer complaints.

Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring Challenges



  • Where and when has an outage occurred?
  • What is the scale of the outage?
  • How quickly can we resolve it?
  • Do we have the manpower available?
  • How soon can we deploy them?
  • Can we minimise the effort?

Customer Experience

  • How do we minimise calls to the contact centre due to outage?
  • How do we empower our agents to deal with customer objections?
  • How do we improve the perception of our network to end users?


  • How do we avoid SLA breaches and penalties?
  • How do we minimise the costs associated with fault resolution?
  • How do we maintain an audit trail and gain transparency?

IoT Solutions for Easy, Instant Fault Detection

Thinxtra's Connected FPI


Our purpose built Sigfox 0G based sensor works in conjunction with the Schneider Flite 110-SA.
Our sensor fits inside the existing casing and draws power from the device battery.

Data Platform

  • Daily heartbeat and immediate fault notification sent to your SCADA system or our SaaS Platform
  • 10 years battery life ensures minimal maintenance
  • Easy to install with no additional infrastructure required

Visibility with Minimal Investment
and Low Operational Effort

Operational Efficiency​

  • Find and resolve faults in the network quicker
  • Reduced inbound call complaint volumes
  • Simple installation process and procedure
  • Digital audit Trail of faults

Lower Costs

  • Reduce the risk of SLA breaches that may result in fines
  • Reduce the manpower and equipment cost associated with installation of monitoring solutions

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Reduce the impact of network faults on customers.
  • Minimise the duration of outages, while providing transparency on resolution stages.

Installation is a Breeze with a
Simple Commissioning Process

Less Resources

Tool-free commissioning process completed with a magnet.

Simple Deployment in Minutes

No need for traffic management or cherry pickers.

Instant On-line Availability

No need for additional deployment processes.

Are you looking for an End-to-end solution?

Contact us if you want to learn more about how our IoT solutions are helping companies reduce cost, increase resilience and improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience.

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