Why Thinxtra?

At Thinxtra our purpose is to uncover insights that realise untapped potential to create a more sustainable world.

That’s what makes Thinxtra the Pioneers of High-Accessibility IoT Solutions.

Thinxtra provide sustainable end-to-end Massive IoT solutions that create efficiency and new revenue streams from the insights of untapped data. 

Using our High-Accessibility IoT framework we enable you with low cost, low power, low bandwidth device and network access, activate new efficiency and revenue sources and accelerate growth and sustainable impact.


Low cost, low power, low bandwidth network and devices


New revenue streams and efficiency from untapped assets


Growth and positive, sustainable impact from untapped insights

Complete End-to-End Massive IoT Solutions

We provide the 3 pillars at the heart of every IoT solution – device or sensors, connectivity and the data analytics platform – as one end-to-end solution that is designed to meet a business need or solve a business problem.

Local service with global reach

Thinxtra is based in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, but our fit-for-purpose IoT connectivity solutions can scale globally. We have existing partnerships and customer use cases that demonstrate how Thinxtra’s solutions have enabled their success and growth locally and beyond.

Proven expertise

As pioneers in Massive IoT, our team has the knowledge and experience to scope, design, deliver and support IoT solutions that meet the initial need of our customers and partners, but also enable them to scale the solution and discover more insights for continued growth and untapped potential.

Commitment to a more sustainable world

Our mission is to improve human life by creating affordable, efficient access to the data insights that unleash innovation and sustainability.

High Accessibility
M-IoT Framework

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