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IoT Supply Chain Management solutions allow you to track the location and condition of your assets and fleets as they move through the supply chain.

Reduce your operational costs and create a better customer experience while improving your business resilience and agility to respond to disruptions.

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Benefits of Thinxtra’s
IoT Supply Chain Tracking Solutions

Massive IoT-enabled asset tracking allows enterprises to easily locate and monitor the condition of moving assets and fleet vehicles. Gain visibility across your supply chain for greater control, reduced cost, assured quality of goods and enhanced customer experience. 

Gain Visibility & Control

We provide end-to-end visibility of asset location and condition to all stakeholders.

Reduce Delays

Receive alerts in the event of delays to ensure timely deliveries and increase the level of service

Remote Inventory

Access detailed tracking data across a large number of shipments and remove the need for time-consuming manual stocktakes.

Minimise Loss and Theft

Supply chain tracking solution helps reduce misplaced or lost assets.

Optimise Asset Utilisation

Use data to minimise your assets’ idle time and efficiently move your assets throughout your supply chain.

Monitor Quality, Condition and Events

Get real-time alerts about temperature, shocks, and potential tampering.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Enabling the Connected Supply Chain

Your guide to unlocking the hidden value of IoT for Supply Chain Operations. Practical insights and lessons learned from real IoT deployments at scale.

How Thinxtra Solves Supply Chain Problems​

Retrofitted IoT devices send small amounts of data to optimise logistics, monitor inventory and detect quality issues, loss or theft. In addition to financial benefits, supply chain tracking solutions help to reduce asset loss and improve operational efficiency, quality and ultimately the customer experience.

Assets are monitored by attaching IoT devices that send information to data platforms

Locate, Track & Trace assets or vehicles and monitor their environment

Gain visibility and control to optimise your operations with IoT data insights

Increase customer satisfaction and supply chain partner collaboration

How IoT Supply Chain Tracking Works

One size doesn't fit all. Solutions for unique business needs.

An IoT solution to track and trace unpowered assets, such as containers or bins, consists of: battery-powered IoT devices attached to the asset; a data platform to realise the value of the asset data sent by the devices; and, most importantly, the right IoT network connectivity.

Asset tracking

Assets and fleets are monitored by attaching IoT devices that send information to data platforms.

Connectivity to the IoT Network

Choosing the right IoT connectivity is crucial to ensure effective asset tracking. The right connectivity will depend on the application and the amount of data you need.

Data-visualisation platform

Data platforms translate information into insights that allow better decision making.

The platform should be able to collect data from public and private locations, and include data aggregation service and device management. Remote device configuration is also essential.

Enterprise Integration

A simple integration helps to manage operations, repairs and maintenance, and calculate your ROI.

The solution allows owners to integrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and an inventory management system.

Why Thinxtra: End-to-
end access to insight

Thinxtra delivers large-scale IoT supply chain management and transport solutions with the following features and benefits:

Are you looking for an End-to-end solution?

Contact us if you want to learn more about how our fleet tracking solutions are helping companies in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau. Reduce cost, increase resilience and improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience across local, national and international supply chains.

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