UtilityInsight: Driving IoT Utilities Transformation

Empowering Energy Management

IoT Utilities solutions are the smart response to a world where rising energy costs and the movement towards net zero are necessitating the effective use and consumption of water, electricity and gas. This fundamental shift from traditional methods to innovative technology-driven approaches marks a turning point in how we perceive and handle utilities. 

Gas and water meters, and electricity line that use iot utilities solutions

Embrace the IoT Advantage with
Thinxtra's IoT Utilities Solutions

When we say ‘smart utilities’, what does it mean for you? It means a complete transformation of utility management through our IoT utilities monitoring solutions, delivering operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved customer experience.

Through advanced IoT utilities and energy monitoring systems, Thinxtra transforms the conventional utility management of energy and water utilities. Our solutions enhance operational efficiency, resilience, and service delivery, opening the door to a new era of “access to insight”. By integrating technology with utilities, we create smart utilities solutions that make utility usage and consumption data accessible and manageable, and enable proactive maintenance.

Ensure Operational Accuracy

Remotely monitor and measure water, gas, and electricity consumption to maintain operational accuracy and effectiveness.

Extend Asset Lifespan

Receive timely updates and detect abnormalities to enable proactive maintenance, improving efficiency and extending asset longevity.

Automated Meter Readings

 Our IoT utilities solutions cut costs and reduce dependency on manual processes, leveraging data insights for new service offerings.

Prevent Issues

Monitor usage and performance to detect faults and leaks early, preparing for necessary repairs with predictive maintenance.

Streamline ESG Reporting

Automatically collect data for efficient ESG reporting and compliance.

Integrate with BMS & ERP Tools

Merge your data with BMS and ERP tools for streamlined reporting and analysis.

IoT Utilities and Energy Monitoring

Our utility smart meter technology allows businesses, residential properties and industrial plants to monitor and control their utility usage remotely. The power to access and analyse energy consumption data is a game-changer, transcending conventional manual meter reading to offer proactive, insightful decision-making. The data insights also enable a proactive approach to maintenance, fault detection and unnecessary energy/water loss. This is the future of utility management, and Thinxtra is leading the way.

Connect utility meters (water, gas & electricity) to Thinxtra's 0G Network.

Remotely monitor infrastructure conditions, read and transmit precise consumption data.

Use IoT data insights for enhanced operational control and decision-making.​

Provide better services and improve the customer experience.


Explore our suite of IoT utilities solutions, including electricity distribution network monitoring, smart water monitoring, smart gas monitoring, and LPG tank monitoring. If you can’t find the right utility monitoring solution, we’re ready to source or build it for you. Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Thinxtra for IoT Utilities Solutions?

At Thinxtra, we’re committed to delivering IoT-enabled smart utilities solutions. Here’s why we’re the preferred choice:

Are you looking for an end-to-end solution?

Contact us to learn how our IoT-enabled smart utilities solutions can help reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience across commercial and residential properties. Let’s power the future together. 

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