0G Network

Designed to enable IoT at scale

The 0G Network is the most energy efficient, low-bandwidth wireless network specifically designed to connect physical assets with the digital world at massive scale.

Connecting large scale IoT solutions to the IoT has never been more energy efficient, easier, secure or cost-efficient.

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Dedicated to Massive IoT

Thinxtra is the exclusive owner and exclusive operator of the public, national 0G Network dedicated to the IoT based on leading LPWAN 0G technology. Small amounts of asset data are collected, reliably and securely transported, transformed and integrated with data analytics or business processes.

What is the 0G Network?

Thinxtra’s national network infrastructure is powered by Sigfox 0G (Zero-G) the global Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) communication protocol and cloud services provided by Unabiz Group, a leading global Massive IoT service provider. 

0G has been adopted as a standard in more than 70 countries, where local 0G Network Operators like Thinxtra own and operate the public networks.

Enables reliable and long battery life

The unique capability of Thinxtra’s 0G technology allows reliable prediction of the battery life of IoT devices, up to 7-10 years. This unlocks the business case for Massive IoT, tracking and monitoring unpowered assets at scale.

Lowest TCO and risk

Organisations don’t need to invest in building and maintaining IoT networks to realise the proven efficiency gains of large scale IoT deployments connecting high volumes of assets or facilities. Thinxtra has done the work for you and enables Massive IoT projects, in the shortest time frames at the lowest total cost of ownership and risk, so you get the data you need to realise your return on investment.

Fixed subscription fee per device

We remove commercial IoT complexities with a simple, fixed connectivity subscription fee per device you connect to the 0G Network and can even deliver end-to-end solutions based on managed service fees. Our packaged solutions cover asset tracking, facilities management or smart buildings, and smart utilities.

Massive IoT national,
public network

Fixed connectivity subscription fee per device over the asset life cycle

Packaged IoT solutions
or select your own

Thinxtra’s 0G Network is
only part of your solution

At Thinxtra we understand that your connectivity needs are only part of a fit-for-purpose solution that will deliver real business value. You may want to build-your-own or look for an end-to-end solution for your specific needs.  We are your trusted advisor for economically viable and operationally scalable IoT deployments.

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