IoTree and Thinxtra Partner to Help Hong Kong’s Construction Industry Council (CIC) Assure Student Wellbeing and Comfort with an IoT-enabled Smart Campus Solution

Hong Kong’s Construction Industry Council (CIC) strives for unity and excellence in the local construction industry. The CIC supports construction in Hong Kong by providing a  communication channel to share the industry’s needs and aspirations to the Government and giving the Government a way to solicit industry advice.


The Opportunity

The CIC runs a dedicated construction training campus in Sheung Shui. On-site, students perform hands-on construction activities, which can expose them to risks such as inhaling toxins and fumes. To assure student safety and wellbeing, the CIC wanted a cost-effective, reliable solution to optimise airflow, improve ventilation and manage temperature levels.


The Solution

IoTree partnered with Thinxtra, The IoT Telco, to select and deploy IoT sensors at the Sheung Shui campus to monitor indoor temperature, humidity, TVOC and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) levels. When unacceptable levels are reached, the IoT sensors across the campus send alerts, via the Thinxtra 0G Network, powered by Sigfox, to the building manager so action can be taken to increase ventilation in the area.


The Benefits

IoTree’s IoT-enabled environment monitoring solution, connected with the Thinxtra 0G Network, lets CIC assure student wellbeing and comfort by providing:

  • reliable, always-on, remote monitoring and management of the temperature, humidity, TVOC and PM2.5 levels in the campus
  • the ability to steadily maintain optimal indoor climate conditions  
  • a rapid alert system to address issues as fast as possible
  • Independence from manual on-site monitoring procedures.

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About IoTree

IoTree is a Hong Kong-based IT services company that specialises in IoT Services. Our mission is to build integrated IoT ecosystems for our clients and incorporate those ecosystems into our client’s operations to maximise operational efficiency. IoTree provides the best integrated IoT solutions to our clients, leveraging our dedicated team of technology experts, developers, and designers. IoTree provides a complete solution to support your IoT journey. 

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