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In the digital age, Massive IoT (M-IoT) has become a catalyst for unlocking untapped potential. Amidst global challenges, we believe that data, the key to informed decision-making and efficiency, should be accessible to all.

At Thinxtra, we are on a mission to democratise data. We want to measure what was previously inaccessible for all but the largest companies. Highly accessible data that is secure and affordable from a sustainable ecosystem of low power, low bandwidth devices and networks that give access to more information by more people in more companies to unlock more human potential.

Massive IoT: Massive Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Enable your assets to be smart. Our IoT devices send vital asset data such as location or temperature over our network, providing you with actionable insights for automating and digitising your operational process. Increase utilisation rates, minimise asset loss, reduce manual processes and enhance customer value.

Simpler Cost-Effective Solutions

Thinxtra makes deploying Massive IoT solutions easy and cost-effective, minimising the Total Cost of Ownership. Our end-to-end solutions reduce time to deployment, ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, and are easy to maintain.

Global Reach with Local Service

Our local team of experts and solution partners are dedicated to delivering outcomes and ensuring customer success. Together with 0G Network Operators in more than 72 countries, we offer global reach with consistent service, providing the largest pool of IoT experience at your fingertips.

Success Stories

Game changers choose to partner with Thinxtra

Konvoy Transforms Keg Service Industry with IoT Keg Tracking

CouriersPlease reduces parcel cage losses with Optus and Thinxtra-powered IoT roll cage tracking

Coles digitalises their supply chain with smart bins

The Gap Cubbyhouse Montessori improves classroom health and safety with Internet of Things powered indoor air quality monitoring solution

PB Traffic improves traffic conditions and road safety with Internet of Things

Inauro uses Thinxtra’s cellular IoT network services to improve asset utilisation and environmental impact with smart technology

Why Thinxtra: End-to-end access to insight

Born in IoT, Thinxtra have delivered some of Australia’s most extensive deployments of sustainable end-to-end Massive IoT solutions. We help create efficiency and new revenue streams from the insights of untapped data. 

Using our High-Accessibility IoT framework, we enable you with low cost, low power, low bandwidth devices and network access, to activate new efficiency and revenue sources and accelerate growth and sustainable impact.

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Konvoy Transforms Keg Service Industry with IoT Keg Tracking

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