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IoT Network Connectivity
The Choice is Yours

As The IoT Telco, we understand that every business and every use case has specific connectivity needs. You can rely on expert advice to choose from our range of network connectivity options reaching from 0G to 5G.

Global 0G Network

Thinxtra is the owner and operator of the global, public Sigfox 0G Network in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau. You can connect large volumes of distributed, non-powered physical assets with our low power, low cost, long range LPWAN network, without the need to build and maintain network infrastructure.

Thinxtra 0G Network

Longest Battery Life

Low Cost

Reliable & Secure

Global 3G/4G Cellular IoT


Smart IoT & M2M cellular SIM cards for low data consumption and a Management Console that makes deployments easy. Productise IoT solutions faster, more cost effective and more securely with global roaming that connect across networks, from 2G, 3G, 4G LTE cellular to Cat M1.

Thinxtra IoT Cellular Network

True Pay-as-you-go

Self-serve & Control

Single Global Rate

The Technology That Powers The Only Global 0G Network
Low Cost, Simplicity and Scale

Sigfox is the pioneer of the LPWAN 0G technology and market leading IoT service provider.

More than 70 national 0G Network Operators, like Thinxtra, around the world provide the only global, public 0G Network covering in excess of 1 billion people, providing local solutions with global reach.

This software based communication solution allows IoT devices to connect easily and securely to the Internet. The 0G Network provides low cost connectivity subscriptions. and the lowest energy consumption.

Global Cellular Connectivity
Designed for IoT and M2M

Soracom is democratising IoT and M2M cellular connectivity: Lower cost and overheads through a true global “pay as you go” model across 130 countries, supporting 3G/4G/LTE-M as well a E-SIM.

Control and ease of use: The world-class SIM and Routing management platform with open APIs allows secure connectivity of SIMs to the application within minutes.

Predictable costs and limitless potential: One contract deployed globally, with access by the day, and usage by the megabyte.


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