Smart Glass
Rack Tracking

Smart glass rack tracking solutions allow you to track the location and condition of your glass stillages, A-frames and heavy-duty trolleys as they move through the supply chain.  

People holding glass sheets that will use a smart glass rack tracking solution

Benefits of Thinxtra’s
Glass Rack Tracking Solution

Massive IoT-enabled asset tracking allows glass manufacturers to easily locate and monitor the condition of their glass stillages. Giving you visibility across your supply chain for greater control, reduced cost, assured quality of goods and enhanced customer experience. 

Optimise Asset Utilisation

Use data to minimise idle time of your glass A-frames and optimise utilisation

Minimise Loss and Theft

Asset tracking solutions can help reduce misplaced or lost assets

Monitor & optimise stock availability

Get notifications ahead of time when your assets are running low, and analyse inventory levels based on production schedules or seasonal trends.

Monitor Quality, Condition and Events

End-to-end visibility. Receive alerts such as shock and tamper (if the device is removed from the glass rack)

Locate, Track & Trace:
Monitor Condition & Events

Solutions tailored for glass rack tracking: Devices, Network Connectivity, Data Platform and local service​

glass rack tracking solution with IoT device, connectivity and software

How Thinxtra Solves Supply Chain Problems​

Thinxtra’s glass rack tracking solutions help to reduce asset loss and improve operational efficiency, quality and ultimately the customer experience.

Glass racks are monitored by attaching IoT devices that send information to a data platform

Locate, Track & Trace your glass stillages and monitor their environment

Gain visibility and control to optimise your operations with IoT data insights

Increase customer satisfaction and supply chain partner collaboration

The Smart Glass Tracking Solution

A solution for unique business needs

An IoT solution to track and trace glass stillages, A-frames and heavy-duty trolleys, consists of: battery-powered IoT devices attached to the glass racks; a data platform to realise the value of the asset data sent by the devices; and, most importantly, the right IoT network connectivity.

1. Asset tracking device

Asset tracking devices are attached to glass and window stillages to collect location and movement data.

The devices send notifications to data platforms when the glass is delivered or damaged, and include accompanying documentation and images.

Iet10 asset tracking device ready to using 0g connectivity

2. Connectivity to the 0G Network

Choosing the right IoT connectivity is crucial to ensure effective asset tracking. The 0G Network allows for efficient and cost-effective tracking of devices with long-lasting battery life and minimal risk. It has a wide coverage spanning over 70 countries.

Turning IoT into ROI in Connected Supply Chains

3. Data-visualisation platform

Tailored to fix supply chain problems.
The platform helps you track where your assets are and how long they are idle using location-based reports. This enables automation of inventory management and forecasting peak seasons to optimise stock levels.

Laptop showing the glass stillages tracking platform

An asset tracking solution you can rely on

Why Thinxtra: End-to-
end access to insight

Thinxtra delivers large scale, cost-effective and flexible smart glass rack tracking solutions:

Are you looking for an End-to-end solution?

Contact us if you want to learn more about how our IoT solutions are helping glass manufacturers reduce cost, increase resilience and improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience across local, national and international supply chains.

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