IoT data analytics platform

Unlock the power of your IoT data with Thinxtra Analytics

Thinxtra’s IoT data analytics platform enables you to transform your raw IoT data into actionable insights. Our platform provides you with the tools to make informed decisions and maximise the value of your data.

With our best-of-breed analytics platforms, you can track, monitor, and measure your assets like never before.

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Uncover the Hidden Value in Your IoT Data

Our IoT data analytics platform transforms raw data into meaningful insights that drive informed decision-making. With our best-of-breed analytics tools, you can unlock the true value of your data and optimise your IoT solutions for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Seamless integration

Our data analytics tools integrate seamlessly with our connectivity and devices, and have been pre-tested and validated. They also integrate with third party systems such as ERPs, building management software (BMS) and others. Access our extensive expertise without the headaches and unlock the full potential of your data.

Plug-and-play solutions

Our plug-and-play end-to-end solutions include powerful data analytics tools that turn raw data into actionable insights. Implement a complete solution with all key pillars - device, connectivity and data analytics - without the headache of integration, testing and procurement from multiple suppliers.

Gain Visibility & Control

Gain end-to-end visibility of the assets you are monitoring including location, condition and movement. In the case of Indoor Air Quality you will know quantities of different particulates. Use this data to better manage your business or facility to drive cost savings, efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Make smarter decisions
with actionable insights

Don’t let your data go to waste. Our fit-for-purpose analytics tools, features, and reports provide actionable insights that enable you to make smarter decisions. Unlock the full potential of your IoT solution and drive meaningful results for your business.

IoT analytics platform screen showing an asset tracking solution

Unlock the power of your IoT data with Thinxtra

End-to-End IoT Solutions

Industry specific proven IoT Solutions including connectivity, devices, platforms and services. Thinxtra delivers local expertise with global reach.

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