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Global Cellular IoT Connectivity for any device

The Better Value IoT SIM Card Alternative.

Thinxtra offers cellular IoT connectivity to connect and manage IoT devices and M2M sensors, deployed at scale wherever you need coverage. IoT SIM cards combined with an easy-to-use management platform offer a seamless customer experience, scale easily and reduce operational complexity.

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Why Choose Thinxtra’s
Cellular IoT Connectivity

Reliable. Scalable. Faster. Cheaper.

Thinxtra has partnered with Soracom to provide a technology-agnostic IoT network connectivity service that has global coverage, is easy to deploy and scale, and provides advanced cloud integration and device management. It is a fit-for-purpose low-cost solution that also offers a self-service console or management platform that enables remote device management and also APIs.

Thinxtra also provides local expert support for the solution from concept to deployment and ongoing services to mitigate project risks.

Single IoT SIM with multi-carrier coverage

Your devices will connect to multiple networks across the country or globe, using the best tower for the job

Cost-effective pay-as-you-go pricing

True pay-as-you-go pricing, with no minimum commitment. Ultra competitive single global rates and customisable bundle deals.

Built and optimised for IoT

Data captured from your IoT sensors is ingested automatically by your preferred cloud service.

Secure coverage

Proven software-delivered network security makes securing your data stream and isolating your traffic from the public Internet end-to-end simple.

Remote device access & self-serve management

Activate connection within minutes. Easy and flexible deployment and ongoing management thanks to the user-friendly console and open APIs.

Data sovereignty & low latency

Local Break Out in Sydney, meaning capability of data sovereignty and also much lowered latency for all communications.

Sustainable with reduced carbon footprint

SIM cards use 75% less plastic than a regular SIM card, and data stays in Sydney minimising the power required for data management & access.

Global reach covering 160+ countries

A single service accessing 160+ countries and 300+ operators. Realise frictionless scaling and seamless deployment without carrier interaction.

Unlock the benefits of global cellular connectivity that is secure, scalable and easy to manage.

cellular connectivity SIM Mini

Mini SIM

25 x 15mm

cellular conectivity micro

Micro SIM

15 x 12mm


Nano SIM

12.3 x 8.8mm



6 x 5mm

Cellular IoT Connectivity
SIM cards for any device

SIM cards use 75% less plastic than a regular SIM card, to help reduce carbon footprint.

More than just an IoT SIM card

The intricate features of the data & network management provide everything that’s required to build and deploy technical innovations to the market that can scale globally, such as Protocol Conversion, Cloud Integration, Data Visualisation, Remote Device Access, and Private Networking – make it future proofing.

Direct integrations with the world’s leading cloud platforms, making it easy to transmit data from your device to AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

Cellular IoT Connectivity
Self-serve dashboard

Built-in console and API. Global Coverage.
Advanced cloud integration and device management. Manage every aspect of your deployment with an easy-to-use IoT dashboard that can be managed from anywhere in the world.

User console for cellular IoT connectivity

Cloud integrations

Reduce data costs

Thinxtra’s cellular connectivity helps you keep IoT data costs low, without compromising performance or security.

Graphic with the cost of Thinxtra's cellular IoT connectivity

Lower Cost, True Pay-as-you-go

Easy self-service without carrier interaction.

Global Reach

IoT Connectivity in 160+ countries with over 300 operators.

Frictionless Scaling

World-class IoT SIM and Routing management platform.

Soracom Sim Card for cellular connectivity

An IoT Network you can rely on

Data Sovereignty: Local Break Out in Sydney, meaning capability of data sovereignty and also much lowered latency for all communications.

Unhackable IoT Security: Proven software-delivered network security make securing your data stream and isolating your traffic from the public Internet end-to-end simple.

Scalability: Deploy thousands of devices on a scalable IoT platform using future-proof technology like eSIM.

What our clients say

Thinxtra’s solution brings cellular communications into the IoT era, with a great connectivity management platform that gives Wattwatchers fingertip control of our device fleet. Since deployment, the solution has performed seamlessly. We enjoy extra application protocol interface options; and great in-the-field functionality and global multi-carrier.

Gavin Dietz, Chief Executive Officer @ Wattwatchers Digital Energy

Why customers Choose Thinxtra’s Cellular IoT Connectivity

Thinxtra delivers fit-for-purpose IoT solutions with the right connectivity choice for your use case:

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