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Unleashing the Power of IoT for a Sustainable Future

As we stand at the precipice of our world’s greatest challenges, Massive IoT emerges as a beacon of hope.

Resources wane, demands rise, and yet, amid this daunting reality, innovation—the renewable resource of human ingenuity—endures.

We live in an era abundant with data, a critical component to propel us forward. Yet, this treasure remains concealed within the complexities of technology and cost. Accessing it, the realm of the few and the mighty.

But imagine, a world where data is democratised. Picture an ecosystem fuelled by low power, low bandwidth devices, brimming with secure, affordable information within easy reach. A world where every company, big or small, can gain access to insight to uncover untapped potential. This is the world Thinxtra envisions.

In the beginning

A group of visionaries dreamed of a future where the digital world connected seamlessly with physical assets, igniting a revolution of efficiency and sustainability. Born from that dream, Thinxtra emerged in 2015, an Australian-owned pioneer with the unwavering belief that the transformative power of IoT could and should be harnessed for the betterment of the world.

Today, Thinxtra stands as a pioneer in High-Accessibility IoT Solutions. We operate and maintain the exclusive public, national 0G Network in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau. Our infrastructure, built on the most energy-efficient low-power, wide-area (LPWA) technology, allows us to connect physical assets to the digital world like never before, driving digital transformation on an unprecedented scale.

The impossible reimagined

The Thinxtra network frees organisations from the need to build or maintain network infrastructure. Imagine devices powered by up to ten years of battery life, operating without maintenance overheads and enabling previously impossible IoT business cases. From the continuous tracking of industrial assets in supply chain and logistics operations to the monitoring of energy and water consumption, indoor air quality, fault detection in utilities infrastructure, and pest monitoring, the opportunities are limitless.

At Thinxtra, we weave together the world of physical objects and digital data, capturing the essence of things and translating them into actionable insights. As creators, we believe in the power of shaping the future; as sages, we carry the wisdom gained from our journey, using it to guide our customers and partners through their IoT transformations. Together, we make M-IoT affordable and reliable, backed by local service with a global reach.

A clear purpose

We exist to uncover insights  that realise untapped potential to create a more sustainable world for all

Our mission

To improve human life by creating affordable, efficient access to the data insights that unleash innovation and sustainability.

Our future vision

Our vision is of a sustainable world where every ‘thing’ is connected and operates in the most efficient way possible.

Welcome to the Thinxtra revolution. Welcome to a more sustainable, connected future fuelled by Access to Insight.

Thinxtra Leadership Team

Nicholas Lambrou Thinxtra's CEO

Nicholas Lambrou


Nick is a dynamic sales and marketing executive, obsessed with delivering real value to customers and partners through innovative technology. He has extensive experience in connecting channel ecosystems with diverse markets to capitalise on emerging growth opportunities.
img-Sam Sharief

Sam Sharief


Sam is a results-oriented executive, with strong expertise managing and delivering complex projects. He is committed to targeting growth through innovation and efficiency improvements, while delivering quality outcomes and excellence in customer care strategies.

Carineh Grigorian

Marketing Director

Carineh has 20 years’ experience across a range of industries including IT, real estate and property development, and financial services. The past 15 years have been focused on channel and corporate marketing within the IT sector, specifically distribution.

Tugberk Bekri

Technology and Operations Director

Tugberk is a seasoned telecom professional with 15+ years of global experience in various wireless technologies. With a deep understanding of telecom and a focus on delivering value to customers, Tugberk brings valuable expertise in driving innovation and designing tailored solutions.

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