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AssetInsight: Fleet and Asset Tracking

Fleet and asset tracking may seem like a daunting task, tracking your precious cargo, countless assets, darting in and out of sight, each carrying significant value for your business.

What if we told you there’s a more cost-effective, simpler way to access the insights you need when you need them to better manage and track your supply chain assets? Thinxtra, harnessing the transformative power of IoT, can show you the way to efficient fleet and asset tracking.

People working in a courier's office, fleet of vehicles and ship with containers that represent Thinxtra's fleet and asset tracking solution

Why Choose Thinxtra's Asset Tracking Solution?

Our solutions help you locate your assets and monitor their condition as they journey through your supply chain. Imagine reducing operational costs, improving your agility in responding to disruptions, and delivering a superior customer experience. Picture your business becoming more resilient, evolving with the ever-changing dynamics of supply chains, whilst also uncovering hidden value.

Our Massive IoT-enabled asset tracking offers a sweeping view of your moving assets and vehicles. You gain comprehensive control over your supply chain, resulting in cost reductions, assured quality of goods, and enhanced customer experiences.

Increased Visibility & Control

We provide end-to-end visibility of asset location and condition to all stakeholders.

Less delays & enhanced customer service

Receive alerts in the event of delays to ensure timely deliveries and increase the level of service

Remote Inventory

Access detailed tracking data across a large number of shipments and remove the need for time-consuming manual stocktakes.

Loss and Theft Minimisation:

Our asset tracking software helps reduce misplaced or lost assets.

Optimise Asset Utilisation

Use data to minimise your assets’ idle time and efficiently move your assets throughout your supply chain.

Monitor Quality, Condition and Events

Get real-time alerts about temperature, shocks, and potential tampering.
Cover of eBook smart supply chains

Internet of Things (IoT)

Enabling the Connected Supply Chain

Your guide to unlocking the hidden value of IoT for Supply Chain Operations. Practical insights and lessons learned from real IoT deployments at scale.

Smart Asset Tracking Use Cases

Whether it’s tracking IBC & Industrial Packaging, Parcel Cages, Industrial Trailers, Fleet Vehicles, or Shipping Containers, we have solutions that fit your specific requirements. Don’t see your solution listed? Let us apply our innovation and expertise to create a bespoke solution to suit your specific requirements.

Asset Tracking Calculator

How much are your lost assets?

How Our Fleet and Asset Tracking Solution Works

Fit-for-purpose solutions validated with compelling ROI

AssetInsight comprises four components: the device or sensor; connectivity, data analytics platform and enterprise integration. We have sourced, tested and validated our solutions ensuring they integrate seamlessly and efficiently, taking the pressure off you to ensure it all works at the time of implementation.

Location, Fleet Tracking & Tracing: Monitor assets or fleet vehicles and their environment.

Operational Optimisation: Gain visibility and control over your operations with IoT data insights.

Increased Satisfaction: Enhance customer satisfaction and foster supply chain partner collaboration.

Why Thinxtra?

Thinxtra delivers large-scale IoT supply chain management and transport solutions with the following features and benefits:

Are you looking for an end-to-end solution?

Thinxtra’s expertise in IoT technology, implementation and services will assist you in mitigating risk and reducing time to market.

Contact us to learn more about how our IoT solutions are revolutionising supply chains across the globe. Let Thinxtra guide you through your digital transformation journey by providing access to insights in ways not previously affordable or possible. 

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