Smart Facility Management Solutions

Our Smart Facility Management Solutions are the gateway to offering smart monitoring of your building conditions. Imagine a world where transparency, control and sustainable outcomes are at the fingertips of every property manager; Thinxtra provides access to the insights that enable that vision.

Buildings and facilities that are monitored by a smart facility management solution

Why Choose Thinxtra’s Smart Building Management Solution?

Building or facility management has become more than just repairs, everyday maintenance and cleaning. Building & Facility Managers are under pressure due to rising energy costs, ESG and sustainable practices, and the importance of clean internal spaces for well-being and productivity.

Our Massive-IoT enabled building management solution offers data-driven insights that drive operational control and strategic decisions. Monitor the water, gas and electricity consumption in your facility, indoor air quality, water leakage, pests and more to enable more efficient utility and energy use, optimise heating and cooling, maintain cleanliness, improve customer experience and efficiently report on ESG and sustainability outcomes. Integrate with your building management system (BMS) for more enhanced data management and insights.

Save Energy Costs

Obtain green building certifications
Improve well-being
Integrate with BMS & ERP tools
Predictive maintenance

Improve occupant productivity

Efficient ESG reporting
Enhance real estate value

See the Air you Breathe

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

Your guide to unlocking the value of CO₂ monitoring solutions. Make the invisible visible and take control of indoor air quality.

Smart Property & Facilities Management

Intelligent Facility Management

Leverage Thinxtra's 0G network to transform facilities into intelligent, efficient systems.

Property Monitoring

Monitor conditions and receive timely alerts through our smart building management solution.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Use IoT data insights from Thinxtra to drive operational control and strategic decisions.

Customer-Centric Sustainability

Improve the customer experience and property sustainability.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are typically responsible for up to 40% of a building’s total energy consumption. Lighting is not far behind, making up 25%.

Monitoring and measuring indoor air quality, utilities and energy consumption in any facility – office building, apartment block, schools and other education facilities, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants, abattoirs and more – is vital to being able to optimise operational efficiency and reduce cost.

Why Choose Thinxtra for Smart Facilities Management Solutions?

Thinxtra delivers IoT-enabled Property and Facility Management solutions with robust business cases, low-cost connectivity, long-term operational viability, and local expert support.

Are you looking for an end-to-end solution?

Connect with us to learn how our High-Accessibility IoT-enabled Property and Facilities Management Solution can help property owners, strata companies, tenants and facility managers enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve the customer experience and promote sustainability across commercial and residential properties.

Looking to enable Smart Facilities? We have the access to insights.

IoT Solutions Make Great Buildings Smart Buildings

Our smart facility management solutions have served diverse sectors with solutions in air temperature and humidity monitoring, emergency exit door monitoring, pest control monitoring, water leakage detection and many more.


Discover how Thinxtra’s IoT facilities management solutions have transformed businesses.

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