IoTree and Thinxtra Help Hong Kong International Terminals Use the IoT to Monitor Data Centre Conditions to Ensure Smooth Operations at the World’s Largest Port

Hong Kong International Terminals Limited (HIT) is one of several key container port operators in the Port of Hong Kong owned by Hutchison Port Holdings, the largest port operator globally. Established in 1969, HIT has continuously set industry benchmarks for productivity, efficiency and value-added services using modern management techniques, state-of-the-art computer systems, and award-winning IT applications.

The Opportunity

Operating the world’s largest port demands reliable data centre services 24×7. Temperature and humidity are critical for optimal data centre performance. The temperature in server rooms must be kept between 20 to 21 Celsius (67 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit) and relative humidity must be kept between 40 and 60 per cent. 

HIT needed a solution to monitor temperature and humidity in its data centres across nine different terminals at the Port of Hong Kong, spanning an area of approximately 2.7 km².

The Solution

HIT chose IoTree to develop an IoT-enabled solution to remotely monitor server room temperature and humidity. IoT sensors installed in each data centre monitor conditions inside the room and share that condition information in near real-time to a centralised web portal, via the Thinxtra 0G Network, powered by Sigfox. Building managers use insights, created with the server room condition data, on the web portal to monitor the environment and make decisions. If temperature or humidity reaches inappropriate levels, the IoTree solution instantly alerts the building management team to take corrective actions. IoTree created a custom feature to alert building managers of unacceptable conditions via a messaging platform. 

IoTree partnered with Thinxtra to connect the IoT sensors to the long-range, low-power, reliable 0G Network which provides low cost indoor and outdoor connectivity covering 90% of Hong Kong. Other wireless technologies proved too expensive to scale or suffered from coverage gaps and faulty connectivity across the long distances at the port.

The Benefits

Since deploying IoTree’s IoT solution to remotely monitor data centre conditions over Thinxtra’s 0G Network, HIT has achieved:

  • effective 24×7 monitoring of the HIT server room’s temperature and humidity levels inside server racks
  • fast corrective action through instant alerts when abnormal temperature and humidity levels are detected
  • rapid detection of building assets needing maintenance to support ideal temperature and humidity levels.

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About IoTree

IoTree is a Hong Kong-based IT services company that specialises in IoT Services. Our mission is to build integrated IoT ecosystems for our clients and incorporate those ecosystems into our client’s operations to maximise operational efficiency. IoTree provides the best integrated IoT solutions to our clients, leveraging our dedicated team of technology experts, developers, and designers. IoTree provides a complete solution to support your IoT journey. 

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