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Customise your IoT solution with Thinxtra Tailored Solutions

Whether you need IoT devices, connectivity or data analytics, Thinxtra has the expertise and product suite to create a custom IoT solution for your unique use case. Partner with us to bring your service or solution offering to life.

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Customise your IoT solution with Thinxtra

Thinxtra understands that every business has unique IoT needs. That’s why we offer tailored solutions that allow you to choose the components that are most important to you.

Whether you need devices, connectivity or data analytics, we have the expertise and product suite to deliver exactly what you require. Plus, we’re proud to partner with organisations that have their own service or solution offerings, ensuring a comprehensive and customised IoT solution for your business.

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all IoT solution

With Thinxtra, you can select only the component or components you need for your specific requirements. Whether it's the device, connectivity, or data analytics, we have the expertise and product suite to deliver a tailored solution that perfectly fits your unique use case. Take advantage of our extensive IoT expertise and customise your IoT solution today.

Unlock the power of IoT without the hassle

Don't invest time and resources trying to build your own IoT solution. With Thinxtra, you get access to our extensive expertise and product suite without the headaches. Whether you need devices, connectivity, or data analytics, we have you covered. Focus on what matters most - delivering results for you and your customers.

Unlock the benefits of our Partner Program

Don't settle for partial solutions. Partner with us to complete your IoT solution and unlock all the benefits of our extensive partner program. With our expertise, product suite, and professional services, we can support you to deliver your service or solution. Join our NeXt Connect Partner Program today.

Unlock the potential of untapped data with Thinxtra's end-to-end IoT solutions.

What are you looking for?

An end-to-end IoT solution consists of three pillars: the device or sensor; connectivity and data analytics platform. Working with different providers for each element means you are responsible for ensuring it all works together at the time of implementation. Working with Thinxtra takes the pressure off you. We have sourced, tested and validated our solutions ensuring they integrate seamlessly and efficiently.


Thinxtra has sourced, selected, tested and validated the most advanced and affordable IoT devices, sensors and trackers that address real and current business needs. Our in-house product development team has the technical and field expertise in IoT to select the best device – whether it’s for a shipping container out at sea, a parcel cage moving online orders, or a beer keg moving to the pub.

Our product team also ensures that we are investing in advancements that will address customer challenges now and into the future.

Explore our leading device portfolio.


Thinxtra is the exclusive owner and operator of the public, national 0G Network and also offers a global cellular solution. Both connectivity solutions are designed specifically for IoT.

Thinxtra’s 0G Network is based on leading LPWAN 0G technology and is energy efficient, reliable and secure.

In some use cases, a cellular connectivity solution is better suited, in which case we offer a global IoT connectivity solution that scales easily and reduces operational complexity.

Learn more about our connectivity solutions.

Data Processing & Analytics

To be able to access insights using IoT you need to have a solution that delivers the data collected by the IoT device to an analytics platform. Our in-house product development team has sourced, tested and validated the best data analytics platforms suited to different implementations.

All offer the same core features that give you visibility of the assets you are tracking, monitoring or measuring, and the visualisation and reporting tools that enable you to access insights to make better, more informed decisions.

Explore our data analytics capabilities

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