IoT Property & Facilities Management Solutions

Monitor remotely the condition of your building including air quality, water leakage and pest control for smarter, more efficient management, lower cost, higher safety and happier tenants.

Water and gas meter, aerial image of a building representing the IoT property and facilities management solutions

Benefits of IoT Property &
Facilities Management Solutions

Gain real time visibility without manual, time-consuming checks through remote monitoring of your building conditions such as air temperature, humidity and quality, water leakage detection, utility & energy consumption, and pest activity.

Connected IoT devices provide the data insights you need to protect the value of your property, increase safety, minimise damage, reduce costs and improve customer and tenant experience.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Save time and costs by automating manual data collection, detecting problems early, and meeting compliance requirements effortlessly.

Extend Asset Lifespan

Monitor and track assets to prevent damage from water leaks and poor air quality, ensuring long-term durability.

Enhance Sustainability & Compliance

Optimise HVAC usage to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs while enabling efficient ESG reporting.

Improve Customer Health & Well-Being

Create a healthier, more comfortable environment for tenants, reducing complaints and enhancing overall satisfaction.

How our Smart Property & Facilities Management Solution Works

Connect buildings, facilities and assets to Thinxtra's 0G network to make them work smarter.

Remotely monitor property conditions, get alerts and data from your assets.

Use IoT data insights for enhanced operational control and decision making, and more efficient ESG reporting.

Improve the customer experience and property sustainability.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are typically responsible for up to 40% of a building’s total energy consumption. Lighting is not far behind, making up 25%.

Monitoring and measuring indoor air quality and utilities and energy consumption in any facility – office building, apartment block, schools and other education facilities, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants, abattoirs and more – is vital to being able to optimise operational efficiency and reduce cost.

Why Thinxtra: End-to-
end access to insight

Are you looking for an End-to-end solution?

Our IoT-enabled Property and Facilities Management Solution helps property owners, tenants, building or facility managers and sustainability managers.

Our solution is designed to help you cut costs, boost operational efficiency, and elevate the customer experience and sustainability in commercial and residential properties. It’s also tailored for industry-specific facilities like warehouses, manufacturing plants, education facilities, healthcare and more.

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