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IoT Connectivity

Designed for IoT at scale
Thinxtra’s IoT connectivity solutions enable massive IoT implementations in a cost-effective, secure, easy and energy efficient way. They are designed specifically for IoT at scale, and play an essential role in delivering the best ROI for your investment.

Flexible connectivity
designed for Massive IoT

There are many connectivity options available, but why pay for data you don’t need?

Thinxtra’s connectivity solutions enable you to collect the data you require at the times you need it. So you only pay for the connectivity you need to access data and insights that will deliver efficiency, growth and sustainability.

Organisations don’t need to invest in building and maintaining IoT networks or sign up to expensive cellular solutions to benefit from large scale IoT deployments connecting high volumes of assets or facilities. 

Our reliable and secure 0G Network combined with the right devices, data platform and services allows you to focus on your business objectives, while we take care of the operation of the IoT network infrastructure. 

We remove commercial IoT complexities with a simple, fixed connectivity subscription fee per device you connect to the 0G Network and can even deliver end-to-end solutions based on managed service fees.

Icon representing the 0G network connectivity

0G Network - designed for IoT

Thinxtra is the exclusive owner and operator of the 0G Network in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. It is a global Low Power Wide Area network (LPWAN) that ensures long battery life of IoT devices, delivering access to insights that create efficiency and enable sustainability whilst ensuring return on your investment.

IoT Cellular Connectivity

Thinxtra offers global cellular IoT connectivity that enables you to keep your IoT data costs low without compromising performance or security. It has global reach and is easily scalable with multi-carrier coverage in a single SIM. And you can manage your implementation remotely.

Embracing Change

Preparing for the 3G Network
Sunset and its Impact on IoT

Your roadmap to navigating the complexities of network sunsetting, embracing 4G and LPWA technologies, and leveraging innovation opportunities.

Rapid deployment

Cost-Effective Data Usage

Long battery life & global reach

Thinxtra’s connectivity is only part of your solution

At Thinxtra we understand that your connectivity needs are only part of a fit-for-purpose solution that will deliver real business value. You may want to build-your-own or look for an end-to-end solution for your specific needs.  We are your trusted advisor for economically viable and operationally scalable IoT deployments.

Are you looking for an end-to-end solution?

We offer proven industry specific IoT Solutions that provide you with the insights and intelligence necessary to revolutionise your business operations. These packaged solutions include connectivity, IoT devices, platforms and services.

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