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Fleet Vechile Tracking

Simply and cost effectively gain valuable insights into your vehicle fleet to reduce running cost, manage compliance by automating log books and recuce risk through visibility of driver behaviour.


More Control and Less Risk:
Don't let your risk grow with the size of your vehicle fleet


Meet the operational challenges of a growing fleet to service the increasingly dispersend delivery requirement of your cusotmers. Our simple self install and easy to use telematics solution gives you the full visibility and control of traditional fleet management at half of the typical cost.


How Thinxtra solves supply chain problems

Simply instal the device in your vehicle.

Set alerts and parameters for your fleet in the platform.

Use the data to optimise operations and reduce risks.

Enhance employee and customer experience .

Locate, Track & Trace, Optimise your Vehicle Fleet

Turnkey Solutions tailored for you: Devices, Network Connectivity, Platform and Local Services

IoT solutions don’t come easier, faster or at lower cost

The proven X Solution Pack provides visibility of the location, and condition, of your fleet vehicle. You can enhance your service offering, take your Customer Experience to the next level and reduce your cost.


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Why thinxtra?

Thinxtra, The IoT Telco, delivers large scale, cost effective and flexible fleet vehicle tracking solutions:

Contact us if you want to learn more about how our IoT solutions are helping companies reduce cost,  increase resilience and  improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience across local, national and international supply chains.


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