IoTree and Thinxtra Reinvent Rodent Control at the Yeung Uk Road Market with IoT-enabled RATSENSE Digital Rodent Surveillance

The Yeung Uk Road public market is a New Territories market popular with the local community. Operating over three floors, the market houses over 200 different stalls offering fresh seafood, meats, fruit, vegetables, and other grocery items.


The Opportunity

Rodent populations are common in areas where food is prepared or sold in large quantities. The Government wanted a fast, reliable solution to monitor rodent activity and target treatment to help protect the community, and property, from the disease and damage caused by rats and mice. Early trials using thermal cameras to track rodent activity proved the value of technology to monitor infestations but were cost-prohibitive to use widely.


The Solution

The Government chose IoTree to deploy the IoT-enabled RATSENSE digital rodent surveillance solution because of the ease and speed of installation, and because of the remarkable rodent reduction rates achieved by other RATSENSE users. Once sensors are installed, they can be instantly connected to the national Thinxtra 0G Network. IoTree placed 130 sensors in the floor, ceiling, and other concealed locations to capture data on rodent movements around the market. Once the data is captured, it is used to build insights that are shared with building managers via a customised web portal and mobile application. Insights built with real-time data let building managers quickly pinpoint infestations and activities to target treatment for efficient, rodent reduction, using fewer toxins.


The Benefits

Deploying the IoT-enabled RATSENSE digital rodent surveillance solution lets IoTree help the Yeung Uk Road market:

  • save time and money by needing fewer manual inspections to find infestations and monitor traps
  • remove the guesswork from rodent detection and specifically target treatment
  • reduce the use of harmful rodenticides in the market
  • protect the market’s building from rodent damage
  • provide a safer, cleaner customer environment.

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