IoTree and Thinxtra Partner to Improve Safety, Customer Experiences and Operational Efficiency at Major Hong Kong Facilities

About IoTree

IoTree is a Hong Kong-based IT services company specialising in IoT Services. IoTree believes the IoT can revolutionise business by redefining how companies operate, from transforming business insights and customer experiences, to improving efficiencies and productivity. IoTree is a subsidiary of WeTech.

The Opportunity

To improve the safety, cleanliness, customer experience, and operational efficiency of important Hong Kong facilities by connecting IoT-enabled sensors to a reliable, public low-cost, long-range network for remote, 7×24 monitoring.

Partnership Solution

IoTree’s solution capabilities, supported by Thinxtra’s 0G Network and device portfolio, delivers:

  • fit-for-purpose IoT solutions to cost-effectively solve unique customer challenges
  • low-cost, long-range, reliable, wireless network coverage  
  • rapid time-to-market
  • real business value from IoT solutions.
img-IoTree-Dino Wong

Thinxtra’s 0G Network, powered by Sigfox, covers over 90 percent of Hong Kong. Partnering with Thinxtra lets us meet specific customer requirements with reliable, low-cost, long-range, wireless connectivity for a wide range of indoor and outdoor use cases. The Thinxtra team brings excellent industry expertise which helps us quickly identify the best sensors for customer needs, shorten testing cycles, launch fast, and easily integrate our IoT solutions to each customer’s existing infrastructure.

Dino Wong,
Sales Manager at IoTree

The IoTree team is united by a vision to accelerate the application of Internet of Things (IoT) in all parts of commercial life. The company brings formidable expertise to turn that vision into reality, with skills across end-to-end IoT deployments, machine-to-machine applications, network and communications infrastructure, the cloud, analytics, application management, and automation frameworks. 

IoTree and Thinxtra first partnered in 2018 when IoTree began developing commercial IoT applications that needed low-cost, reliable IoT network connectivity.

Before partnering with Thinxtra, IoTree explored a range of IoT network connectivity options. Some wireless technologies didn’t offer reliable coverage in all areas of Hong Kong, while others were unable to cover long distances or prohibitively expensive to scale.

Since partnering, IoTree and Thinxtra have designed and delivered IoT solutions that are delivering remarkable customer outcomes for Hong Kong businesses, including:

Indoor Air Quality

  • Remote monitoring of quality, temperature, and humidity at the Construction Industry Council to make sure students aren’t exposed to dangerous levels of harmful toxins
  • 24×7 monitoring of temperature and humidity in data centre server rooms at the Hongkong International Terminals site

Rodent Management 

  • Improved rodent management at the popular Yeung UK Road Market with digital rodent surveillance 

Room Occupancy

  • Fast, easy insights to theatre occupancy at the Electrical and Mechanical Department of HKSAR.

With deep expertise in facilities management, IoTree is committed to providing customers with the choice to obtain, analyse and action IoT data outside their existing building management systems (BMS).

Wong says, “Most building management systems need a wire to connect the IoT sensor and access power, which makes it an expensive solution to operate. Most customers need sensors in hard-to-reach or hidden places where it’s impossible to connect a wire or power supply. The long-range, low-power demands and reliable connectivity of the wireless Thinxtra 0G Network make it easier to solve customer challenges than traditional approaches to connecting IoT sensors.”


At Thinxtra, we believe strong partnering is critical to get great customer outcomes. We’re pleased to work with solution providers like IoTree, to deliver real value to businesses that Hong Kong residents rely on every day. Our public, reliable 0G Network spans 90 percent of Hong Kong, which means our partners and customers don’t have the burden or cost to build and maintain IoT connectivity. They can simply connect to it at a low, fixed, and predictable fee per device and focus on running their core business.

Joe Sun,
General Manager, Hong Kong and Macau at Thinxtra

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About IoTree

IoTree is a Hong Kong-based IT services company that specialises in IoT Services. Our mission is to build integrated IoT ecosystems for our clients and incorporate those ecosystems into our client’s operations to maximise operational efficiency. IoTree provides the best integrated IoT solutions to our clients, leveraging our dedicated team of technology experts, developers, and designers. IoTree provides a complete solution to support your IoT journey. 

Visit IoTree’s website for more information.


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