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Thinxtra's 0G Network Powered by Sigfox
Global Reach with Local Expertise

Thinxtra is the owner and exclusive operator of the 0G Network in our region and provides connectivity to the only global public IoT network, powered by Sigfox 0G technology and services. Connecting large scale, industrial IoT solutions to the IoT has never been easier, more secure, more energy efficient or more cost effective. #JustConnectIt.

New Zealand
Hong Kong & Macau

What is the 0G Network?

Owned and operated by local, exclusive 0G Network Operators like Thinxtra around the world, the 0G Network covers more than 1 billion people across more than 70 countries and territories with an ecosystem of over 800 devices, platforms and solutions.

0G (Zero-G) is the standard invented by Sigfox adopted by all 0G Network Operators, to power a truly global, seamless public wireless network dedicated to low power, low cost IoT connectivity. The 0G Network is a low-bandwidth wireless network specifically designed to connect digital and physical worlds by collecting, measuring and analysing data to predict and automate business processes. It unlocks the power of small data amounts over long ranges at a significantly lower cost and without any maintenance overheads.


Lowest Power Consumption.
Most Predictable Battery Life.

The Sigfox  0G technology makes mass IoT deployments  of distributed, moving assets you need to track over many years economically and operationally viable.

Once configured,  Sigfox 0G ready IoT devices don’t need any maintenance over the entire asset life cycle. It’s set & forget. 


No More Compromise: Get Global Scale and Local Customer Service​​


Countries & Regions


People Covered ​

Registered Devices


Messages Sent Per Day

Who is Sigfox?

Sigfox is the innovator and global market leader of 0G technology and services and partners with exclusive 0G Network Operators who own and run the 0G Network in their region, providing local connectivity and professional services, customer and partner support.

A globally adopted standard, Sigfox 0G technology and services connect your physical world with the digital universe and powers industry transformation with the Power of Low: low power, long range and small data.

Visit for more information.

Thinxtra's 0G Network is Only Part of Your Solution

 At Thinxtra we understand that your connectivity needs are only part of a fit-for-purpose solution that will deliver real business value. You may want to build-your-own or look for an end-to-end solution for your specific needs.  We are your trusted advisor for economically viable  and operationally scalable IoT deployments.


0G United Nations is the international association of trusted, exclusive Sigfox 0G Network Operators in their region, with extensive experience in local and global Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

Together, we provide the only global 0G Network in the world, powered by Sigfox Technology. Our vision is a connected world where everything worlds in the most efficient way to build a sustainable future.

Visit 0G United Nations Website for more information.

Technical Information

Design Choice and Benefits

Sigfox has designed its technology and network to meet the requirements of mass IoT applications; long device battery life-cycle, low device cost, low connectivity fee, high network capacity, and long range.

Star Network Architecture

A device is not attached to a specific base station unlike cellular protocols. The broadcasted message is received by any base station in the range, which is 3 in average.

Small Payload

An uplink message has up to 12-bytes payload and takes an average 2s over the air to reach the base stations which monitors the spectrum looking for UNB signals to demodulate. For a 12-byte data payload, a Sigfox frame will use 26 bytes in total. The payload allowance in downlink messages is 8 bytes.

Lightweight Protocol

Sigfox has tailored a lightweight protocol to handle small messages. Less data to send means less energy consumption, hence longer battery life.

Ultra Narrow Band Radio Modulation

Using the Ultra Narrow Band modulation, Sigfox operate in the 200 kHz of the publicly available band to exchange radio messages over the air. Each message is 100 Hz wide and transferred at 100 or 600 bits per second a data rate, depending on the region. Hence, long distances can be achieved while being very robust against the noise.

Random Access to the Radio Frequency Resource

The transmission is unsynchronized between the device and the network. The device broadcasts each message 3 times on 3 different frequencies (frequency hopping). The base stations monitor the spectrum and look for UNB signals to demodulate.


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