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As the 3G sunset approaches in the coming year, there is a rising opportunity for you to migrate from 3G to a new connectivity solution that brings with it greater efficiency, more value and lower cost.
Buildings during the sunset, representing the 3G sunset in Australia and New Zealand

What is the 3G Sunset?

The 3G sunset signifies the phase-out of 3G technology in a given region, making way for other connectivity alternatives like 0G and 4G. Since its inception in 2001, 3G has been the predominant technology for wireless mobile telecommunications. However, as mobile network operators push for greater capabilities, they have committed to phasing out 3G connectivity.

3G Sunset dates in Australia and NZ

The 3G network shutdown does not have a universal deadline. Instead, carriers around the world have independent indicative dates and some have already shut down their 3G networks.


In Australia the indicative date for Vodafone’s 3G shutdown is in December 2023. While Telstra’s is in June 2024 and Optus’ in September 2024, they recommend to migrate IoT devices now.
Countdown to Closure:
September 2024

New Zealand

In New Zealand, the 3G network shutdown began in July 2018, and carriers like Vodafone aim to complete it by late 2024.
Countdown to Closure:
August 2024
Hong Kong has yet to announce a sunset date for 3G. Be proactive and prepare for the transition.

Industries and solutions impacted by the 3G sunset

Is your business in the loop? The 3G sunset will affect a range of industries and solutions.
Get in touch with us if your business solutions are mentioned in the list below:
Fire alarm systems
Parking systems
Traffic light systems
System Integrators
Alarm systems
Lift systems
Vending machines
Medical systems
Payment terminals
We’re here to assist you in strategising and getting ready for a smooth transition, offering additional services that will elevate the security of your solution. These services are designed to take your PCI Compliance and other security requirements to the next level.

Embracing Change

Preparing for the 3G Network
Sunset and its Impact on IoT

Your roadmap to navigating the complexities of network sunsetting, embracing 4G and LPWA technologies, and leveraging innovation opportunities.

Take control and be prepared​

Embrace the 3G shutdown as an opportunity to transition toward an advanced connectivity solution that could deliver new benefits and efficiencies to your business. Effective planning and preparation are the cornerstones of a successful transition.

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Take count of the number of devices using 3G or do not support 4G.


Define your business needs​

Consider your business needs today and future plans.


Plan your transition

Work with Thinxtra to develop a transition plan that works best for you.

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