What is an End-to-End IoT Solution

By: Bradley Marks, Product Manager and QA Lead at Thinxtra

An end-to-end IoT solution is a combination of devices (also known as sensors), connectivity, data analytics software and professional services. All of these elements are integrated and interdependent, with the success of an IoT solution relying on seamless and efficient integration.

The value of the Internet of Things (IoT) lies in the data shared with a data analytics platform, which is sent from a device attached to an object. This data is then used to generate useful insights that can help individuals and organisations make better decisions, positively impact revenue, identify cost savings and contribute to sustainability.

End-to-end Packaged IoT Solutions

A puzzle with the four pieces of Thinxtra's end-to-end IoT solutions

Thinxtra offers end-to-end IoT solutions that encompass connectivity, sensors or devices, data analytics platforms and professional services.


Thinxtra built the 0G Network in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, but we also offer cellular connectivity and both options cover most customer use cases.

Sensors or Devices

Our extensive device portfolio caters to supply chain, logistics and transportation; utilities; and facilities management industries. We can also source and test new devices where required.

Data Analytics Platform

Our data analytics platform captures and analyses actionable data insights that deliver tangible business benefits.

Professional Services

Our expert team provides professional services such as training, pre- and post-sales support, demonstrations, Scope of Works, Proof of Concepts and more.

Enabling partners

The importance of having an end-to-end or packaged IoT solution with proven use cases helps partners quickly target the right solution with the right customer, breaking down any potential barriers and creating relevant and insightful customer conversations.

Disconnected products and services can complicate the sales process and be a barrier to entry for many organisations with limited or no skills or resources in IoT.

Thinxtra’s end-to-end packaged IoT solutions offer a comprehensive approach to IoT implementation, enabling businesses to leverage IoT without worrying about the complexities of seamless integration. And our NeXt Connect Partner Program enables partners to be successful when selling Thinxtra’s solutions to their customers and prospects.

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