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Intercontinental Seamless IoT Shipment Tracking

Take back control over your Supply Chain with Safecube.
The end-to-end  IoT tracking solution for intercontinental logistics, giving  you real-time location and status information of your shipments.  Safe routes, safe goods, safe environment.

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How Thinxtra's Safecube solution Can Help you take control​

Reduce In-Transit Lead Times with Real-Time Visibility For
Fact-Based Decisions Across All Supply Chain Partners

Multimodal end-to-end monitoring for sea freight, trucks, rail and vessel


Manage Your Intercontinental Shipment in One Solution!

The solution includes the IoT tracker,  access to the platform and reverse logistics services


IoT Trackers

Positioned in containers by exporters. Connected to Thinxtra’s 0G Network with seamless global roaming.

Analytics Web Platform

Real time events and predictive functionalities. Condition monitoring and safety alerts. Can be integrated with existing Information Systems.

Reverse Logistics Services

Tracker delivery to departure warehouse and reverse logistics from destination warehouse.

Safecube Platform

Platform points lighter

Real-Time Events

  • Unloading from vessel,  departure from port, transshipment…)
  • Global view on all in-transit shipments with possibility to focus


  • From container loading to container opening
  • In-transit tracking in complex multi-modal transportation

Goods Oriented

Follow-up based on carried merchandize thanks to pairing between trackers and containers



  • Early / delays including missed ships and route deviation
  • Pro-active shipments events alerts
  • Sleeping containers

Customized BI And Dashboards

Detailed analyses of lead-times per route and shipping lines with embedded and customized BI


Conditions Monitoring

  • Temperature, humidity, shocks
  • Unexpected opening of the container

Secured Access

Possibility to give access to all or part of the functionalities for specified flow to internal and external clients

success story

Michelin: Improved Asset Utilisation and Operations Through Greater Visibility from IoT Enabled Tracking ​

In the automotive industry, Michelin improved intercontinental sea-freight flow and transformed its global tyre shipment operation with Safecube intercontinental shipment tracking solutions.

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Why thinxtra?

Thinxtra, The IoT Telco,  delivers large scale, cost effective and flexible supply chain solutions:

Maulik Trivedi

Regional Director APAC, Sigfox and Global Supply Chain Expert supporting Thinxtra and Safecube

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