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Xpress is a device enabling various configurations, perfect for system integrators and solutions providers. It embeds Sigfox connectivity, NFC & geolocation vis GPS (outdoor) and WiFi SSID or BLE (indoor), a push button (On demand location or downlink), 3D accelerometer with USB rechargeable Lithium battery & LED.


Main Features

  • Geolocation vis GPS (outdoor)
  • Geolocation via WiFi SSID or BLE (indoor)
  • Button
  • LED visual status indicator
  • Up to 2.4 months once daily GPS location, up to 1.7 months 9 daily GPS locations per each full charge
  • Retrieve up to 254 Previous Message (Triggered by Platform)
  • IP40 safety protection
  • Simply place & trace easy installation
  • Configuration Parameters over the air (basic or above Sigfox air-plan)
  • Battery status and low battery alert
  • Movement Alert (Authorised or Unauthorised as per Platform)
  • Integrated accelerometer
img-xpress-inside battery

Click and drag below for a full render of the device

Technical Details

Sigfox Communications: High power radio transmitter/receiver that operates on the Sigfox network, and is available in variants for the various Sigfox Radio Zones around the world.
Sigfox Radiation: RC1 & RC4 Sigfox ready, RC2 & RC3 sample ready
Sigfox Regions: RCZ1: Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Pacific Islands RCZ2: USA, Canada, South America RCZ3: Japan RCZ4: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, South East Asia, South America
OTA Configuration: Parameter changes via Sigfox Downlink (over-the-air configuration). Consult the Xsense Quickstart integration guide for details.

Wearable Options


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