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IoT End-to-end Solutions
Get it All: Scale, Choice and Customer Focus

Your business needs define the right technology choices. Our IoT capabilities help you choose the right connectivity option, from 0G to 5G, and define the right IoT Device, Sensor or Partner Solution for your specific use case.

You can de-risk your IoT journey with our IoT Expert Service Team and ensure solutions are fit-for-purpose, scalable, secure and deliver the outcomes you want.


We are The IoT Telco
- Complete IoT Solutions

We simplify the complex world of IoT.

As The IoT Telco we specialise in designing and delivering the best fit-for-purpose IoT solutions to solve specific business problems.

Whether your business is looking for a partner to deliver the entire solution or requires help to build-your-own, we have the portfolio breadth and IoT capabilities to help.

For more information on our end-to-end IoT solution stack.

Local & Global:
IoT Network Connectivity from 0G to 5G

Get the best of both worlds, global seamless network access supported by local IoT experts. Our region spans Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, and our networks scale globally.

Thinxtra owns and operates our public 0G Network, powered by Sigfox’s leading LPWAN technology, providing the only global, seamless IoT Network dedicated to the simple things.

To meet your cellular IoT needs we are the exclsusive provider of the market leading Soracom connectivy service and data SIM Cards.


The Right Match - Thinxtra's IoT Partner Ecosystem

No matter what your specific industry or use case needs are, we work with the right expert partner to meet your business needs:

  • Device, tracker and sensor partners provide a broad range of proven hardware choices if you want to build-your-own.
  • Solution Partners deliver end-to-end industry specific IoT solutions for specific needs.
  • Data management and analytics platform partners deliver easy, deep Integration with Thinxtra technology to create actionable IoT data insights.
  • Systems Integrators and Consulting Firms optimise the Thinxtra portfolio across hardware, software, networking and services components.

Solution Partners​

Device Partners​

System Integrators​

Consulting Firms​

Platform Partners​

IoT Device Portfolio​

Every use case is unique, demanding careful evaluation and selection to prevent failure or unexpected surprises.
We help you selecting the right device , source it for you or even engineer and build it from scratch.

Choose from our portfolio of thoroughly tested, proven, scalable devices or solutions , which are available off-the-shelf.

Tap into our global network of technology partners offering extensive device choices. We can assist with sourcing, or customising, the right device option.
Leverage our industry leading local expertise in designing viable IoT solutions and recommending the best manufacturing partners.

Xcelerate IoT Services​

IoT Capabilities at your fingertips. Work with the largest team of dedicated, experienced IoT experts across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau who know how to make it happen.

IoT Business Case Design

  • Development of viable business cases supporting large-scale IoT solutions
  • Five to ten-year planning perspective across financial and operational aspects
  • End-to-end scope model including network, devices, battery life , data platform and services

IoT Strategy Consulting

  • Advisory and consulting services to develop a robust IoT Strategy
  • Roadmap development encompassing commercial and operational requirements
  • Analysis to minimise the total cost of IoT data production and optimise the value of IoT data

IoT Services Execution​

  • Solution design and development services across the IoT value chain
  • Technology productisation to accelerate commercialisation or deployment of IoT projects
  • Delivery, QA and project management service


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