5 Reasons to Partner with Massive IoT Solutions

Choosing the right technology partner for your business is a critical decision. As new technology areas emerge, like Massive IoT, you need confidence that it’s the best technology for your customers and for your own go-to-market strategy.

So, why partner with organisations delivering Massive IoT solutions? The data clearly shows that IoT is a growing market segment.

CEOs are increasingly focusing on IoT solutions and how they can benefit their organisations, especially in terms of asset optimisation.

Commercial drivers and market conditions are creating challenges and opportunities ideal for Massive Internet of Things (M-IoT) solutions:

The commercial business case for M-IoT has never been more compelling. And the positive impact to sustainability and corporate ESG strategies is also tangible and within reach.

If you are an IT partner that delivers business outcomes to your customers, Massive IoT can add value to your customers and enhance your solution and service offerings.

Reasons to offer Massive IoT solutions to your customers

Fleet vehicle and containers that use partner massive IoT solutions

1. Enhance your value proposition

The business case for M-IoT has been proven, demonstrating significant improvements in operational efficiencies and cost savings. M-IoT also helps organisations deliver on their digital transformation strategies. Case studies such as Coles and CouriersPlease demonstrate the compelling ROI of M-IoT.

2. Attract new customers

M-IoT can help you expand opportunities with access to new industries, segments and customers, including supply chain and transportation, property and facilities management, utilities and energy, theft recovery and smart cities.

3. Strong margins

M-IoT is a growing market where the value of the solution drives the customer conversation, not the price. Thinxtra’s NeXt Connect partner program offers strong margins to help you improve your profitability as you invest in this emerging market.

4. Recurring revenue model

M-IoT can be sold as either a Capex or Opex solution, giving you the opportunity to build a sustainable recurring revenue business.

5. Minimal channel competition

As an emerging market, there is plenty of opportunity for the partners willing to invest early. And the minimal channel competition means you can focus on investing in the skills your team needs, and on your customer, without the distraction of price-focused partner competition.

Thinxtra’s NeXt Connect Partner program is designed to make it easy for you to partner with us and to take advantage of the M-IoT opportunity. Learn more about our partner program or contact us to speak with one of our Partner Development Managers.

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