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IoT Utility & Energy Monitoring

IoT solutions for electricity, gas or water utilities improve operational efficiency, resilience and service delivery. Remote meter reading and early fault detection improve the customer experience while reducing operational cost.

Benefits of Thinxtra’s IoT Utility and Energy Monitoring Solutions


Operational Efficiency

Measure and monitor remotely
consumption levels (water, gas & electricity) of every household or every industrial plant regularly at a specific time.


Asset Protection

Timely updates about infrastructure conditions detect abnormalities, improve proactive maintenance, efficiency and asset lifespan.


Cost Effectiveness

Reduce the cost of meter readings, dependency on manual processes, maintenance and discover new service offerings through data insights.


Customer Experience

Deliver better customer service and reduce service related complaints through more effective maintenance, early fault detection and faster response times.

Smart Utility and Energy Monitoring

Connect utility meters (water, gas & electricity) to Thinxtra's 0G Network.

Remotely monitor infrastructure conditions, read and transmit precise consumption data.

Use IoT data insights for enhanced operational control and decision-making.​

Provide better services and improve the customer experience.


Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring​

Thinxtra’s IoT Electricity Distribution Network Monitoring solution improves operational efficiency, resilience and agility to respond to disruptions.
img-solution-Smart Water Monitoring

Smart Water Monitoring

img-solution-Smart Gas Monitoring

Smart Gas Monitoring

img-solution-LPG Tank Monitoring_

LPG Tank Monitoring

Can’t find the right solution? We know how to source it or built it for you.

Selected Success Stories

logo-Prospect Control

Prospect Control and Thinxtra Automate Dam Asset Monitoring for an Australian Energy Giant with Next Gen IoT Solutions

Prospect Control’s dataPoint_VW “always-on” IoT-enabled remote dam monitoring solution, connected to the Thinxtra 0G Network, enables their client to automate dam instrumentation measurements


water-link Eliminates Manual Meter Reading and Reduces Leakage with Hydroko’s 0G-Enabled Smart Meters and Valves

Belgian utility water-link partnered with Hydroko, provider of customised water solutions, to develop and deploy 190,000 smart meters and valves, connected by ENGIE M2M, the Belgian Sigfox 0G Network provider, to 640,000 homes in Antwerp.


Sabesp Delivers 92,000 Smart Water Meters, Powered by the Sigfox 0G Network, Operated by WND in Brazil

Sabesp, one of the world’s largest water and sewage service providers, implemented 100,000 smart water meters connected to the WND 0G Network, powered by Sigfox, to introduce remote water meter reading in parts of São Paulo.

Why Thinxtra?

Thinxtra delivers IoT-enabled Utility & Energy Management solutions:


Contact us to learn how our IoT-enabled Utility & Energy Management Solutions help to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience and sustainability across commercial and residential properties.


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