Lykus’ Wyave Solar-Powered Security Cameras Scale Globally with IoT Cellular Connectivity from Thinxtra, Powered by Soracom

About Lykus Technologies

Lykus Technologies, founded in 2015, designs and manufactures the Wyave range of outdoor solar powered security cameras for a global market.

The Challenge

Deliver residential users a hassle-free, one-stop-shop solution to set up, and connect security cameras easily without the need to buy, install and activate a SIM card.

The Benefits

Thinxtra’s cellular IoT network solution, powered by Soracom, ships with the security camera, and provides easy, global coverage at low cost, with true pay-as-you-go pricing.

Lykus Technologies provided indoor and outdoor security cameras, relying on traditional power supplies, for more than ten years. In 2018, the company launched its new, innovative Wyave range of solar-powered digital security cameras.  In 2019, following its successful launch in domestic China markets, Lykus started to scale globally, with an initial focus on the US, Europe and Middle East. 

Interest from global markets was no surprise as the new Wyave camera design made it so easy for residential customers to secure their homes. Wyave cameras don’t need wires to supply power,  don’t demand tedious charging of batteries and ship with a free IoT SIM card that can be easily activated anywhere in the world. 

However, expansion into new global markets posed the challenge of how to easily and cost-effectively provide wireless IoT connectivity out of the box. Chinese SIM cards were not suitable for overseas markets and Lykus needed to provide global customers with a user-friendly, one-stop-shop connectivity solution without the need to buy and activate a separate SIM card.

img-Lykus-Joe Zhao

The ease of use, low cost and reliability of IoT connectivity around the world is crucial to create a positive experience for Lykus customers. We want our customers to have their security cameras up and running as fast as possible, with minimum hassle.

Joe Zhao,
CEO of Lykus Technologies

Global Reach, Lower Pay-as-you-go Pricing and Frictionless Scaling

After thorough market evaluation, Lykus chose Thinxtra’s Cellular IoT solution, powered by Soracom, a leading global provider of cellular IoT connectivity. Every Wyave security camera shipped to global export markets includes a Soracom SIM card and E-SIM to provide rapid plug-and-play wireless connectivity. Once the card is inserted into a Lykus camera, the device automatically searches for and connects to the global network.

Zhao says, “We are pleased with the solution’s global reach and user-friendly browser-based management console. The console makes SIM connection fast and easy and provides real-time monitoring of SIM and device activity and data usage. This saves our engineers, and customers, a lot of time and complexity during setup.”



Customer Value and Choice

Lykus is passionate about offering its customers’ choice, a positive experience and fast time to value. This connectivity solution gives customers the option to connect security cameras right out of the box or choose their own.

Zhao says, “Soracom’s pay-as-you-go pricing model helps Lykus’ customers’ minimise their cost. When our security cameras are connected to the IoT cellular network, if no activity is detected, no data is transferred through the SIM card. If no data is transferred, there is no fee for the customer. We’re impressed with the partnership between Soracom and Thinxtra and look forward to using Soracom SIM cards in a wider range of our cameras and overseas markets in the future.”


Partnering for success is a core Thinxtra value. The partnership between Lykus Technologies, Soracom and Thinxtra demonstrates how real customer value is created when industry-leading experts collaborate on fit-for-purpose solutions.

Joe Sun,
General Manager, Hong Kong and Macau at Thinxtra


About Lykus Technologies – Wyave

Lykus designs and manufactures a range of solar powered security cameras and high-quality drone carry and storage solutions for hobbyists and enthusiasts. We understand the different needs of our customers for reliability, portability, storage and accessories and are committed to continuous innovation. Our products are used in over 30 countries globally.

Visit Wyave website for more product information.

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