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Unlock the power of untapped data with Massive IoT
Request your complimentary demonstration of Thinxtra’s end-to-end IoT solutions to experience the potential of IoT data and how it can drive operational efficiencies, contribute to revenue growth, make your ESG reporting easier, and have a positive impact on sustainability.

Request your complimentary end-to-end IoT solution demonstration

Thinxtra’s packaged IoT solutions provide organisations with valuable insights from untapped data, creating new opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction. They are designed to deliver tangible outcomes and ROI across a range of industries and sectors:

  • Track, trace and monitor assets as they journey through your supply chain
  • Smart building management and facility management to drive energy efficiency and easier ESG reporting
  • Smart utilities and energy monitoring, including fault detection

During a one-hour interactive session with a local Thinxtra expert, you will discover how the data is harvested, transmitted, analysed and presented so that you can gain access to data and insights you never had before.

Contact us today to learn more about how Thinxtra’s IoT solutions can deliver value to organisations like yours.

According to the McKinsey report “The Internet of Things: Catching up to an accelerating opportunity” one of the factors dampening the adoption and impact of IoT solutions is the “numerous proprietary, walled garden ecosystems” that exist within the IoT landscape. According to McKinsey “many companies and public-sector bodies are struggling to get to scale without significant IT work to overcome the numerous system barriers”. This is one of the key benefits of an end-to-end IoT solution – all elements of the solution are integrated, tested and validated, enabling implementation at scale.

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