Thinxtra and Tether create Internet of Things solution to tackle COVID-19 risk

Australian and New Zealand-based companies expand partnership in the IAQ space

Sydney, Australia & Auckland, New Zealand – December 8, 2021 – Thinxtra has announced it has expanded its partnership with New Zealand-based technology company, Tether, in the indoor air quality (IAQ) space to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to manage the risk of COVID-19 and other harmful contaminants in public venues.

As part of the extended collaboration, Tether has leveraged Thinxtra’s 0G network, powered by Sigfox’s low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology, to launch COVID Care, a smart IAQ monitoring solution which includes IoT devices and data analytics software, initially targeted at businesses, schools and aged care providers.

COVID Care monitors carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to identify the risk of COVID-19, and is the first solution of its kind globally that can be dedicated to a room or a group of rooms. The data collected by COVID Care devices is provided to decision makers – such as facility operators, teachers and managers – in a simple ‘risk level’ format that can be viewed in real-time and remotely via smartphone application and dashboard.

“CO2 is an excellent indicator of whether the air in a room is conducive to transmitting COVID-19 via aerosol particles, and it’s therefore not inconceivable that the future will hold CO2 evacuation alerts for classrooms, offices and other spaces occupied by large volumes of people,” said Brandon Van Blerk, Chief Executive Officer at Tether.

“Our objective is to reduce anxiety about COVID-19 by providing clear insights around the health of buildings to the people occupying them, which can then be used to take the best actions immediately, and creating the right balance between healthy and energy-efficient facilities management.”

Tether has experienced demand for the Thinxtra-powered solution from customers in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and expects take-up across Australia in the future.

Nicholas Lambrou, Chief Executive Officer at Thinxtra, said, “Our partnership with Tether delivers a single solution comprising battery-powered sensors which continuously monitor indoor air quality, and information delivered when it’s needed via our national 0G Network, powered by Sigfox technology. The data collected by Tether’s sensors is then analysed by its software platform to inform decisions – whether it’s to resolve ventilation issues by opening windows or deploying air purifiers and filters. COVID Care marks a significant step towards smarter buildings in NZ and beyond.”

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