Melbourne IoT Hackathon, and the winner is: Sigfox!

Thanks to Spotless and Startup Bootcamp for organising the first IoT & Data Hackathon that took place at Melbourne’s iconic MCG on November 21st & 22nd 2016. Great event, big crowd, amazing food and a real success.

Out of the 10 teams, 5 were developing IoT solutions using Sigfox connectivity with the support of Anat Efron and Guy Langlois from Sigfox local network operator, Thinxtra.

1st place and overall winner is…. MY CLEANLINESS, proposing a waste bin management using Sigfox connectivity
2nd place and most commercial solution was awarded to MSG, demonstrating a location tacking and safety device for security staff, also using Sigfox connectivity.

See you next year.
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