IoT and “The Last Mile”

Welcome to the first episode of “The Last Mile” webinar, hosted by Craig Stanford, Director of Active Supply Chains.

In this episode, three industry leaders share practical insights into how the IoT can improve logistics operations and asset tracking across Australia. You’ll hear from:

Michael Winter
Customer Solutions Manager
@ LOSCAM Group
img-ascap-Caiane Groves
Caine Groves
General Manager Operations
@ Active Supply Chains
img-Anthony Stewart
Anthony Stewart
General Manager Sales
@ Thinxtra, The IoT Telco

Each panellist brings unique perspectives on real-world IoT supply chain implementations, including the key reasons that organisations running supply chains embrace IoT and the advantages of IoT over other asset tracking applications, such as RFID.

The trio share functional viewpoints into the usage of IoT-enabled Track and Trace solutions in their business to improve location tracking, transparency and asset management. During the discussion you’ll also hear about the challenges, learnings and unexpected benefits that developed through each implementation.

Watch this ieTV episode to learn how IoT is a game changer for supply chains!

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