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Thinxtra X launch Hong Kong – 1/11/20172017年11月1日,Thinxtra香港發佈會

At today’s X launch, Thinxtra showcased the start of its LPWA IoT Network in Hong Kong


1 November 2017, Hong Kong – Sigfox’s exclusive Hong Kong network operator Thinxtra launched officially today to support the growth of an Internet of Things (IoT) research and development ecosystem for Hong Kong, providing cost-effective IoT connectivity via the Sigfox territory-wide low-power wide-area (LPWA)* network.
2017年11月1日,香港 – 作為Sigfox在香港的獨家網絡運營商,Thinxtra今日正式登陸,以支持香港物聯網(IoT)研發生態系統,並通過Sigfox全港低功耗廣域物(LPWA)網絡提供經濟有效的物聯網連接。

Already a game changer in diverse sectors worldwide, IoT holds particular promise for Hong Kong, which has the potential to be a global hub for IoT and a showcase of IoT-enabled smart city solutions. To help Hong Kong realise this potential, Thinxtra is deploying base stations and antennas at key locations around the territory.

A total of 100 base stations are expected to be installed throughout Hong Kong by March 2018 to provide the long-range, low-bandwidth, low-power connectivity that businesses, research institutions and government organizations need to capitalize on the rise of IoT. The territory’s first Sigfox base stations and antennas were installed at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) in mid-August to create an open IoT network for tenant companies engaged in IoT research and development.
預計在2018年3月, Thinxtra將在全港內安裝100餘個基站,以為提供企業、研究機構和政府組織提供遠距離、地貸款、低功耗的網絡連接,使之順應並有效利用物聯網之潮。香港首個Sigfox基站及天線已於八月中旬在香港科技園(HKSTP)安裝,為從事物聯網研發的公司創建一個開放的物聯網網絡。

“With strong government support for the growth of the IoT and smart city industries, Hong Kong has the potential to be a leader in the global IoT revolution. A thriving innovation and incubation environment and a cost-effective LPWA network are essential to making this vision a reality,” said Loic Barancourt, CEO of Thinxtra.
“依托於政府對物聯網和智慧城市產業發展的大力支持,香港有望成為全球物聯網革命的領導者。在實現這一願景的進程中,蓬勃發展的創新與孵化環境,以及經濟有效的LPWA網絡都起到了至關重要的作用。”Thinxtra首席執行官Loic Barancourt如是道。

While rolling out its LPWA network in Hong Kong, Thinxtra has also begun nurturing local start-ups and other partners to create a strong local IoT ecosystem. As part of this effort, it is working closely with HKSTP on research and development as well as the design of devices, sensors and solutions.

“Organizations in Hong Kong can benefit from Thinxtra’s expertise and infrastructure as they develop and deploy new IoT solutions on the Sigfox technology. Making a wide range of new applications more viable, this will help stimulate innovation, enhance business competitiveness and further Hong Kong’s growth as a leading smart city,” said Murray Hankinson, Managing Director of Thinxtra Asia.
“Thinxtra致力於開發和部署新的基於Sigfox技術的物聯網解決方案,同時,Thinxtra的專業知識和基礎建設也能幫助香港的機構更好地發展。各種行而有效的新應用的日益完善,將有助於促進創新、提高企業競爭力,並進一步推動香港成為一個領先的智慧城市。”Thinxtra亞洲區總經理Murray Hankinson表示。

Sigfox is the world’s most mature LPWA network and the first global cellular network fully dedicated to connected objects. As the exclusive Sigfox operator in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, Thinxtra already has a live LPWA network covering much of the population of Australia and New Zealand, along with an ecosystem of more than 200 local IoT partners. The Hong Kong network will link with this infrastructure, as well as other Sigfox networks and IoT ecosystems in 36 countries around the world.

“We are at the very beginning of the IoT revolution, with real-world projects providing real value to businesses and communities. Thinxtra and Sigfox are laying the groundwork for this revolution in Asia Pacific, with Hong Kong as a core market for growth,” said Roswell Wolff, President for Asia-Pacific at Sigfox.
“我們正處於物聯網革命的起始階段,實際項目為企業和社區提供著切實的價值。在這一進程中,香港是物聯網發展的核心城市,Thinxtra和Sigfox則為亞太地區此奠定了堅實基礎。”Sigfox亞太區總裁Roswell Wolff表示。

The X launch, as this event was called, is the first private event organised by Thinxtra Hong Kong for all our local partners (device makers, platform suppliers, consultants, manufacturers, designers, IoT enablers and evangelists) who want to make the Internet of Things a reality in Hong Kong, to benefit Hong Kong first and showcase local solutions for the global Sigfox market.

This event is an opportunity for all partners to collaborate in order to build and promote IoT solutions to connect the un-connected, to connect anything that will bring meaningful data for a better world.


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