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Beyond the hype around IoT and how to implement real solutions that deliver immediate value to your Supply Chain Operations

Learn how three pings a day from your assets can transform your business.

Live Panel and Q&A:  1 October at 11am AEST

On Thursday 1 October, we’re going live with Thinxtra CEO, Loic Barancourt, and COO, Sam Sharief, to discuss all things IoT and asset tracking solutions for Supply Chain Operations.

Loic and Sam will answer all of your lingering questions and take you beyond the hype around IoT to show you how to implement real asset tracking solutions.

Gain the visibility you need with long battery life and a cloud-based integrated solution, so you can manage the entire lifecycle tracking of your assets to deliver immediate business value. 

Who should attend

  • Supply Chain Operations Managers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Manufacturers’ supply chain managers
  • 3rd party logistics professionals
  • Carriers operation managers
  • Returnable Transport Items (RTI) renters
  • Courier, Express & Parcel transportation service providers

Learn from real IoT asset tracking deployments that deliver asset visibility and control to reduce cost, increase efficiencies and take customer service to a new competitive level.

Hear from Loic and Sam about the 5 Critical Steps to achieve next generation Visibility & Control of the assets in your supply chain at a total cost that makes the Business Case stack up.

  • How to make your Business Case for the Connected Supply Chain work: ‘Less is More’
  • How to choose fit-for-purpose asset track and trace IoT solutions within your constraints
  • How to ensure operational viability over up to 8 years field life
  • How to manage deployment and change to a connected supply chain
  • How to reduce execution risk as you scale to mass-IoT

Thinxtra’s scalable IoT solutions for asset tracking and monitoring deliver real business value. Our team of experts, broad range of devices, open architecture and Thinxtra’s dedicated national 0G Network with global scale, delivers the value of IoT for your supply chain operations.


Loïc Barancourt,
CEO, Thinxtra

Loic is a visionary leader and passionate change agent dedicated to improving global sustainability and delivering large-scale operational efficiencies for business. An IoT pioneer, Loic has extensive experience helping companies realise true value from mass IoT and machine-to-machine initiatives.


Sam Sharief
COO, Thinxtra

Sam is a results-oriented executive, with strong expertise managing and delivering complex projects. He is committed to targeting growth through innovation and efficiency improvements, while delivering quality outcomes and excellence in customer care strategies.

October 1 | 11am AEST


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