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Smart lighting For Smart Cities

Implement IoT-enabled LED decorative lighting and gain real time visibility of your network. Jointly designed with our partner Felicity, a leading provider of smart city infrastructure, this easy to install solution helps you save cost, reduce your carbon footprint and increase constituent safety.

More Light With Less Power
Greater visibility increases your operational efficiency

Thinxtra has partnered with Felicity, a leading provider of smart city infrastructure, to provide a unique solution that combines a smart controller with a versatile, discreet light design ready to fit street lighting installations in your council area – including your decorative lights.
This fit-for-purpose solution will give you full visibility into the street light status and power consumption across your entire network. You will also get automatic alerts which allows you to respond instantly to outages and eliminates the need for regular, manual checks.

3 Steps to Digitise Your Decorative Lights


Combine the smart controller and the light



Connect the new retrofitted light to our IoT network



Visualise & Monitor your network remotely and on real time


Get Full Transparency of Your Decorative Light Network

Turnkey Solutions tailored for you: Devices, Network Connectivity, Platform and Local Services IoT solutions don’t come easier, faster or at lower cost.


IoT solutions don’t come easier, faster or at lower cost

The X Solution Pack enables you to trial five smart street lights that retrofits to nearly any Cat V or Cat P pole including your decorative assets. Experience how easy they are to install and see the notifications about any outage in any location. It will show you how you can enhance your lighting services, improve your resident experience, reduce the cost of energy, your operation and maintenance.


Request a quote for your customised X Solution Starter Pack from only  

AU$4999 + GST

(Example Pack: 5 devices, up to 6 mths access, onboarding service)

Why thinxtra?

Thinxtra, The IoT Telco, delivers large scale, cost effective and flexible Smart Lighting solutions:

Contact us if you want to learn more about how our IoT solutions are helping companies reduce cost,  increase resilience and  improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience across local, national and international supply chains.


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