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IBC & Industrial Packaging IoT Solutions

Gain visibility through reliable data from connected IoT devices tracking, tracing the location of your Returnable Industrial Packaging  (RIP) Assets such as IBCs, pallets, boxes, roll cages, containers or drums.

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More Control and Resilience:
You always know where things are and how they are

Thinxtra’s Supply Chain Management Solutions for industrial packaging such as IBCs, trolleys, kegs, drums and roll cages provide visibility across the asset life cycle.  

Fit-for-purpose IoT devices attached to your assets, and connected to the Thinxtra 0G network, provide essential data about location or environmental condition. Data can be sent at regular time intervals or only when certain events, such as temperature threshholds occur.  

Data insights help you to respond with speed and certainty to  build the resilience needed to assure service delivery at lowest possible cost.

How Thinxtra solves supply chain problems

Attach a device and connect your asset to Thinxtra's 0G Network.

Locate, Track & Trace assets or goods and monitor their environment.

Gain visibility and control to optimise your operations with IoT data insights.

Increase customer satisfaction and supply chain partner collaboration.

Locate, Track & Trace, Monitor Condition & Events

Turnkey Solutions tailored for you: Devices, Network Connectivity, Data Platform and local service

IoT solutions don’t come easier, faster or at lower cost

Buy outright or as a Managed Service over 3 or 5 years from US$5 per asset/per month.

The proven X Solution Pack provides visibility  of the location, and condition, of your packaging assets and goods. You can enhance your service offering, take your Customer Experience to the next level and reduce your cost.


Request a quote for your customised  X Solution Starter Pack  from only  

US$500 + GST

(Example Pack: 5 devices, up to 6 mths access, onboarding service)

Success Stories

Loscam Transforms Returnable Packaging Solutions with IoT-enabled “Track & Trace” Solution

Loscam, Asia-Pacific’s largest pallet pooling and returnable packaging solutions company, achieved significant supply chain efficiency gains  with Thinxtra’s fit-for-purpose, end-to-end “Track & Trace” IoT solution.

Whole Story

Deutsche Post DHL Group

250 000 roll cages containing and transports parcels are connected through smart trackers to the 0G network providing the logistics team with exact information about location and movement of the cages.

Benefits: reduced inventory and storage cost, lower long-term cost of operation. Higher flexibility and ability to respond to change or shock.

Whole Story

Why thinxtra?

Thinxtra, The IoT Telco,  delivers large scale, cost effective and flexible  Returnable Industrial Packaging solutions:

Contact us if you want to learn more about how our IoT solutions are helping companies reduce cost,  increase resilience and  improve operational efficiency to provide a better customer experience across local, national and international supply chains.


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