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Workplace Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitoring

The first step toward adequate ventilation in a healthy workplace is to continuously monitor CO2 levels.

Employers, asset owners and facility managers can feel reassured that essential monitoring enables effective air quality management and reporting.

indoor air quality monitoring system for education facilities and indoor spaces

Benefits of using an IoT Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Create a place where people want to be

Reduce health related complaints, sick leave and loss of productive working hours.
Improve health, safety and wellbeing with commercial indoor air quality monitoring solutions.


Reduce transmission risk of airborne viruses such as COVID-19


Increase cognitive performance, focus and individual productivity

Maximise comfort while minimising your energy bill


Prevent mould & structural damage while minimising maintenance cost

Set & Forget: Simple, Easy, Affordable, 5 Years Maintenance Free

Thinxtra’s 0G Network, dedicated to the IoT, connects air monitoring solutions at scale.
Remote, continuous, scalable centralised CO2 monitoring in any indoor environment.
Get the right information to the right person at the right time to take the right action.

Plug & Play

Connected and operational within minutes.
No tech support needed.
Easy DIY mounting with simple screws or 3M tape.

Battery Powered (5 years)

Five year battery life.
No power supply or wiring needed.


No Wifi connection nor any wiring / cabling required.
Independent of your infrastructure.

Continuous 24*7 Monitoring

Readings every 30 min and instant threshold alerts.
Remote monitoring without the need to be on site.

Instant Data Visualisation

Gain insights, automate alerts.
Get reports and audit trails.
Anywhere, anytime.

5 Years Maintenance Free

Set and forget for five years without any maintenance or battery changes.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in 2 Simple Steps

Simply Connect to Thinxtra’s 0G Network and See the Air You Breathe

Air travels through the battery-powered device.

Configured for you.​
CO2 Data (within 50ppm accuracy) is sent securely and reliably to the cloud via the Thinxtra 0G Network.
Monitoring system to measure indoor air quality in the workplace
Visualise and access the up-to-date data you need, anywhere, anytime.
Receive alerts when pre-set thresholds are met.
Get the reports you need for compliance and communication purposes.

The Devices

Airwits CO2 monitor device

Connected AirWits CO2

Connected AirWits CO2 is a carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity measuring device to monitor air quality remotely. The device sends the measurement data in configurable time intervals (typically 30 min) through the 0G Network, powered by Sigfox.
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Airwitspm device for particulate matter monitoring

Connected AirWits PM

The Connected AirWits PM is a particulate matter (PM), temperature and humidity measuring device to monitor air quality remotely. The device sends the measurement data in configurable time intervals (typically every 30 min) through the Sigfox 0G network.
Explore More & Datasheet

Want to learn more about Indoor Air Quality monitoring? Go to our Frequently Asked Questions.

What Air Quality Monitoring Solutions Measure

CO2 Level

Lower CO2 levels increase productivity, lower risk of health effects such as virus transmission & headaches.


An indoor space that has well-regulated temperature creates a comfortable space to work and study.


Well-regulated humidity in a room reduces risk of mould and creates a comfortable space.

Particulate Matter (PM)

Inhaling small particles (1 to 10μm) can cause lung or heart related health issues.

Breathing easy with IoT: monitoring indoor air quality for health, safety and wellbeing

Make informed, fact-based decisions
and monitor your ventilation or air purification solution effectiveness

Install your plug & play solution

Get alerts & data insights

Report air quality levels and exceptions

Enable continuous improvement

Safe & Healthy Workplace. See the Air You Breathe.

Continuous, remote monitoring of CO2 is essential to managing ventilation.




Understanding and controlling building ventilation can improve the quality of the air we breathe and reduce the risk of indoor health concerns including preventing the virus that causes COVID-19 from spreading indoors.

17th September 2021


Host Ellen Fanning interviews Australian expert Lidia Morawska about the benefits of CO2 monitoring to manage indoor air quality in workplace.

Wide use of monitors displaying the state of indoor air quality must be mandated because the general public currently have no way of knowing the condition of indoor spaces they occupy and share with others. Visible displays will keep building operators accountable for air quality. The public should be made aware and demand safe environments.

img-Lidia Morawska

Lidia Morawska

Distinguished Professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Queensland University of Technology

A CO2 monitoring solution that considers everyone

Boards & Executive

Reassure your stakeholders, manage risk, protect reputation, ensure business continuity.
Get real-time insights and historical reporting for the right ventilation investment choices.

Building Owners & Facility Managers

Implement a simple, plug & play monitoring solution, maintenance free for 5 years, enable remote 24x7 monitoring with centralised reporting.

Employees & Visitors

Have peace of mind and feel reassured about the health and safety in the workplace with real-time, trustworthy air quality monitoring & adequate ventilation.

Get Started Now

Be ready for “return to work” with a healthy, welcoming environment.

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