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Make the grade in CO2 monitoring in schools and help keep every classroom safe

Thinxtra’s CO2 monitoring in schools gives you access to:

  • Remote data – check the data wherever you are
  • Real-time monitoring 24/7 – instant threshold alerts
  • Integrated reporting – get visibility across all indoor spaces
  • Maintenance-free – set and forget for 5 years.

More than 3000 classrooms are safer with a simple IoT solution

Today, more and more education facilities across Australia and New Zealand put their trust in Thinxtra to keep their students, staff and visitors safe.

Our plug-and-play IoT solution makes it easy to keep indoor areas safe through remote, continuous CO2 monitoring in schools. With a set-up that takes only minutes, no Wi-Fi connection needed and a 5-year battery life, you’ll have the data you need to create a safer environment from monitoring CO2 levels, temperature and humidity, in each room of any education facility.

Software and device used for CO2 monitoring in schools

Our new normal means keeping everybody safe is a top priority

We know that keeping students, staff and visitors safe is always top of mind. 

With an indoor air monitoring solution from Thinxtra, you can access up-to-date information on CO2 levels and indoor air quality remotely – anywhere, anytime.

And with CO2 being the best indicator of airborne viruses’ transmission risk, our solution means you can monitor levels throughout the day and take the right action to ensure transmission in classrooms are minimised.

Continuous 24/7 CO2 monitoring in schools and easy access to data from all your classrooms will help you maintain safer environments all year round.

You can rely on our local customer service, as we work closely with our solution partners to provide proven, cost-effective technology using the reliable Thinxtra 0G Network.

Here's why an Indoor Air Quality Solution from Thinxtra helps you make the grade

CO2, temperature & humidity

  • Automatic accurate, regular measurements
  • Get all the data you need to identify risks
  • Easy remote access to data across all rooms.

Quick & easy installation

  • Simple DIY installation
  • Instant connection to the IoT
  • No tech or specialist support needed
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  • No wiring or power supply required
  • 5 year battery life
  • No manual sensor calibration required


  • No Wi-Fi connection needed
  • Operates independently of your network infrastructure
  • No network management required

24/7 monitoring

  • Up-to-date readings every 30 minutes
  • Instant threshold alerts so you can act fast
  • Access data from any location at any time

Get in touch

We are here to help you making CO2 monitoring in schools easy.
Let our local team help you scope and implement the right solution.

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