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The IoT changes our everyday life and how we take care of people, pets or things we care for and are of value to us. With the help from our partner MyTag, you can now easily and safely locate and monitor literally anything, even if it is on the move.

Solutions for Your Home & Lifestyle


MyTag XSeries Solutions
Protect the Things You Love

By using the latest IoT technology and smart sensors, the new MyTag XSeries GPS Locators deliver exceptional performance , years of battery life, and can even have a button to send information when you want to. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can find and protect the things you love when it matters most.

Never Worry about Your Pool Water Being Out of Balance

The Blueriiot Smart Water Analyzer takes precise readings and alerts you and your pool pro if the water balance is off.

Why Thinxtra?


Contact us to learn more about how our IoT-enabled pest control solutions help companies quickly pinpoint pest problems, target treatment, improve on-site health and safety, protect property and meet compliance standards.


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