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Oyster Sigfox GPS Tracker


The Oyster Sigfox GPS tracker is a compact and rugged device connecting to Thinxtra’s 0G Network for tracking non-powered assets where long-battery life (up to 5yrs) is required while maintaining data update frequency (up to 140x/day).

This solution is ideal for tracking non-powered assets like containers, trailers, drums and more! Get in touch with our friendly team to find the right monitoring device for your assets.


Main Features

  • Up to 5 years once daily location
  • Up to 2 year detailed tracking
  • IP67 water and dust proof
  • The Oyster Sigfox GPS tracker is rugged, robust and low profile
  • Off-the-shelf, user replaceable AA batteries
  • No install required, simply “place ‘n trace”
  • Switch from “locate” to “track” over-the-air
  • Battery status and low battery alert
  • Unauthorised movement alert
  • Integrated accelerometer

Oyster Sigfox GPS Tracker Applications

Technical Details

Sigfox: Highly sensitive radio receiver available in RCZ1, RCZ2, RCZ4 versions for global Sigfox connectivity.

Oyster Sigfox GPS Tracker


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