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Sensohive Orbit 3


Orbit 3 is a small and robust wireless temperature and humidity sensor which can be used in indoor rooms, freezers or refrigerators or food storage areas with long battery life. Data is visible in the App and can trigger threshold notifications.


Main Features

  • Internal Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • Sigfox Bidirectional Communication (OTA)
  • Sigfox Single-Zone (RC1, RC2, and RC4 available)
  • Configurable measurement and transmission intervals
  • External LED visual Indicator
  • Tap functionality for manual update
  • Battery Life – Upto 5 years
  • Optional and easily accessible data from the Sensohive App for visualisation and configuration – API available

Selected Solutions

Technical Details

Sigfox: Single-region (RC1, RC2 & RC 4) – Bi-directional comms – Class 0u



Sigfox: Single-region (RC1, RC2 & RC 4) – Bi-directional comms – Class 0u


Mechanics & Design

Dimensions (in mm): Ø75 x H24
Weight: 52 grams (without batteries)
Recommended Operating Temperature: -30° to 50° C



Battery: 2x 3,500mAh Lithium batteries 1.5V each
Battery Life: Upto 5 Years (depends on reporting intervals set)
Battery Total Capacity (mAh): 7,000


Smart Firmware

OTA Configuration: Sigfox, Over the air configuration setting & frequency of measurement & reporting
Battery Status / Life: Battery voltage measurement communicated over Sigfox
Tap Functionality: Used to change the transmission interval to your preferences. Settings are automatically updated once a week – or they can be updated manually by tapping on the device four consecutive times.



Temperature: Internal
Humidity: Internal
Accelerometer: Internal (for forcing config download and activation)



Sensohive App: Easily access all data from your sensors using the Sensohive web application – View and export data, Setup notification alarms, Setup radio silence alarm, Locate device (Sigfox Geolocation), Change transmission interval
API: From Sensohive Application to Customer Platform
Direct Integration: Direct API from Sigfox Backend



CE, Sigfox Ready


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