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Safespray Pest Control Reinvents Traditional Rodent Management with Cre8tec’s IoT-enabled Remote Rodent Monitoring Solution

Safespray Pest Control

Founded in 2012, Safespray Pest Control provides commercial and residential customers Australia-side with integrated pest management solutions trusted to ensure personal health, wellbeing, and the safety of property, assets, and inventory.

The Opportunity

Safespray’s commercial customers needed faster, more reliable rodent detection and treatment methods to protect property, stock, and people and meet compliance standards.

Partnership Solution

With Cre8tec’s IoT-enabled RATSENSE system connected to Thinxtra’s 0G Network, Safespray customers remotely monitor rodent activity 24×7 and:

  • use real-time data to understand rodent problems and target treatment
  • confidently meet ISO compliance and audit requirements
  • reduce waste and damage to goods in warehouses
  • eliminate poisons on-site
  • save time and money on rodent detection and management.

SafeSpray Pest Control is used to meeting frustrated customers. Customers who are frustrated with destructive rodents. Every week large commercial organisations contact Safespray for advice on stopping rodents damaging property, stock, and assets, exposing employees and customers to disease, and causing their operations to fail costly compliance audits.

Commercial Customer Challenges with Rodent Management

Typical challenges experienced by commercial organisations with rodent infestations include widespread destruction of property and warehoused goods. Rodents carry multiple diseases which are contagious to humans. Traditional rodent treatments require the use of poisons that are harmful to the environment and inhumane traps, the monitoring of which is time-consuming and slow.

Compliance audits are an essential requirement for commercial operations storing food items in warehouses across a supply chain. Increasingly, automated equipment and machinery perform warehouse operations. Stopping equipment to allow safe compliance audits interrupts business operations, drains productivity, and introduces occupational health and safety (OH&S) risk. Additionally, most compliance regulations prohibit poisons inside warehouses because of the risk of cross-contamination to stored inventory.

Daniel Danil, Founder of Safespray, says, “Rodents are intelligent, adaptable, and quickly cause extensive damage to property and inventory. A few years ago, Safespray helped a business after it threw out three million dollars of stock after a single week of rodent damage to goods in warehouse storage. Removing the guesswork to rodent entry points to properties and populations is critical to fast, cost-effective pest management. The most precise way to do that is with fact-based insights.


A Technology-based Approach to Rodent Management

As a company that values innovation, the Safespray Pest Control team started research into technology-based rodent management methods. The team quickly discovered RATSENSE, the internet of things (IoT)-enabled digital rodent surveillance system developed by Cre8tec. Cre8tec is an IoT solution provider with a unique, data-based approach to pest management that is transforming rodent detection and treatment efficiency and effectiveness across Asia-Pacific.

Danil says, “We researched several technology-based rodent management solutions. As far as we know, no other company globally can do what Cr8tec does. Real-time, fact-based insights on rodent activity remove the slow, vague assumptions traditional rodent control methods use to guess rodent movements. It was important to us to partner with an Australian-based solution provider too. Developing plans, solving challenges, and support is more harmonious when all partners are in the same time zone. Cre8tec made our vision to help customers with next-generation rodent management a reality.”


The RATSENSE sensors are our eyes when technicians can’t be onsite. Its insights let us quickly, cost-effectively, and humanely reduce rodent populations.
A 100 percent reduction in poisons onsite is an important consideration for commercial organisations that need to maintain ISO, AS/NZ, or HACCP compliance.
For one customer, we reduced manual trap inspections by 60 percent because our dashboard and heat maps show us what we need to know, on-demand.

Daniel Danil,
Founder at Safespray

Introducing IoT Enabled Pest Control

Cre8tec’s RATSENSE system uses a series of infrared IoT-enabled monitoring devices to detect rodent activity in real-time 24×7 remotely. A long-life battery that lasts for up to 7 years, requiring no wiring or maintenance, powers each device. The devices are connected to the Thinxtra 0G Network and share data on rodent activity to a centralised dashboard, where SafeSpray experts can interpret the data and take the best course of action.

Thinxtra’s 0G Network, powered by Sigfox technology, is the public, low-cost, low-power, wide area network dedicated to connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices over long distances. The 0G Network connects devices indoors, outdoors, and through environments where other connectivity options such as WiFi struggles to provide reliable network coverage, such as basements.

The centralised IoT solution dashboard shares real-time, accurate insights so customers and pest management technicians can pinpoint where and when rodents are entering a property, nesting, and traveling. Using data lets technicians quickly and precisely target treatment with humane, poison-free snap-traps.

Small Data Drives Measurable Customer Outcomes with Minimal Business Disruption

Safespray Pest Control customers are unanimous in sharing positive feedback on the real-time rodent activity insights from the RATSENSE dashboard. Trend analysis, heat maps, and notifications over the 0G Network enable fast corrective action, prevent waste, and damage and let companies approach audit cycles with confidence they will meet regulations with minimal downtime.


Safespray is a visionary pest management company that genuinely cares about its client concerns to reduce waste and poison onsite and protect property, assets, and people. That shows in Safespray's willingness to consider new ways of solving an old problem with digital rodent surveillance. We're delighted their customer feedback on RATSENSE has been so positive and are proud to partner with a business that is 100 percent Australian-owned.

Deanne Baptista,
Chief Executive Officer at Cre8tec

Next-generation Rodent Management

Safespray Pest Control has multiple customers in the retail, logistics, hospitals, and public sectors ready to trial and expand RATSENSE deployments across their operations. Safespray’s technicians value how much RATSENSE has simplified customer communications and measurably improve outcomes. The company already plans to use RATSENSE in its integrated rodent management solutions to create three tiers of defence for customers at a property’s boundary line, exterior wall, and interior environment.

img-Nicholas Lambrou

The Safespray case study is a compelling example of partnering for IoT success with a fit-for-purpose solution. Safespray had the use case, and Cre8tec's innovative RATSENSE solution has a fast-growing track record of positively reinventing rodent management. RATSENSE showcases how the 0G Network unlocks remarkable customer outcomes from small data with low-cost, reliable, long-range network connectivity that works right out of the box.

Nicholas Lambrou,
Chief Executive Officer at Thinxtra


About Safespray Pest Control

Safespray Pest Control is a proudly Australian-owned and operated business. Since 2012, its team of leading technicians has helped commercial and residential customers nationwide proactively target and reduce pest populations with integrated pest management solutions.

Visit their website for more information.

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