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A Great Case Study: Monitoring Waste Bins at MotoGP 2017

The scenario:

Just one week before the MotoGP event on October 22nd 2017, Thinxtra received a request from a local system integrator/consultant to monitor all the waste bins around the track (pavilions, stands & village) to ensure efficient service by the service provider (Cirka) during the MotoGP event on Phillip Island.

Solution Components:

  • Sigfox Network Coverage

After checking if the Sigfox network was already covering the iconic island south of Melbourne, we could ascertain that there was indeed some coverage, but probably not strong enough for small bin sensors with an embedded antenna. So we contracted one of our installers and two days later, we had an extra mini base station installed on site on a 6 meter high pole, done within one hour, pre-commissioned and registering on our Network Operation Center.

  • Bin Sensors

We decided to partner with NZ device maker: PiPIoT for their excellent Sigfox-ready bin sensors with geolocation: LevelSense. They were able to deliver the sensors directly to our system integrator in Melbourne within 2 days. As soon as they arrived in Melbourne, we could see them connecting automatically on the Sigfox back-end.


  • Monitoring Platform

Since the project had to be delivered very quickly, there was very limited customisation done, the data was sent to PiPIoT monitoring dashboard that would provide the location of the bins around the track and their fill level along the day, providing warning alerts by SMS to the service manager when the fill level was reaching 50%  and 80%. It was good enough for a one- day event but would require more customisation in the future to cater for better management of the bins and their service for optimal efficiency.

The System Integrator involved to manage the project and the interface between the final customer and our team was Luis Catarino



It was great to see that you don’t need to be a big team with lots of experience to deliver an IoT project as long as you have the support of Thinxtra and a high motivation to make it happen from the integrator and the final customer. Great team effort.

At the end of the day, no litter was seen on the track, which could have been damaging for Marquez’s win and the customer’s reputation in servicing events. Our installer removed the base station, and the bins were emptied and disconnected.

This proved our point that Thinxtra could deliver a project within a week and that IoT even makes sense for one day. So just imagine when IoT solutions are implemented for a month or a year.

About Thinxtra

Thinxtra, Enabler of Massive IoT, connects physical assets with the digital world in the most energy efficient way, at scale, and at a fraction of conventional cost. As the owner and operator of the only public, national 0G Network dedicated to the IoT in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, Thinxtra teams with a broad ecosystem of partners to help organisations create new business models, optimise asset utilisation, monitor indoor air quality (IAQ), and unlock new customer service offerings.



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