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A 14 year old is using Thinxtra Xkit to monitor his bird-pic2副本

14-Year Old Uses the Thinxtra Xkit To Monitor His Bird

Not just for the birds…

Xavier Burger, a 14 year old from New Zealand had an idea: to monitor his bird’s activity.

“I am doing this because recently my pet bird died and we think it was due to heat or him falling off his perch. So I decided to look for a solution and was recommended the Thinxtra Xkit devkit. This Xkit is great by the way, I really like how it comes packed with sensors and can be programmed with an Arduino!” says Xavier.

“This is perfect for such a little project to monitor your pet bird’s cage. The temperature sensor is good enough to make sure that the cage is not too hot, and the 3D accelerometer sensor (currently only using y axis -will add x and z later- is to make sure that the bird has not fallen.” Added Xavier.

What started as a simple idea, became a real project with a sophisticated flow chart. After a bit of tweaking and  programming support from the Thinxtra team, the solution went live and started sending data to its platform.

The Xkit sends the temperature and y axis values via the Sigfox cloud every ten minutes, which transfers it over to his website. It also sends those values if there is any unusual level of movement.

To give it a bit of a finished touch, Xavier re-used the packaging box of the Xkit as the box for the solution. A hole for the antenna, 4 cable zip ties to attach it to the bird cage, and voila:

Well done Xavier. Happy to count you among our long list of Xkit users, and the youngest one at that!


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