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Fast growing SIGFOX coverage and ecosystem in ANZ

25% of the ANZ Population Now Covered with the SIGFOX Network,
25 Strong Local Ecosystem Partners

Thinxtra has announced today that it has completed a major milestone in the deployment of its SIGFOX IoT network. Following its launch in April 2016, the network dedicated to connecting devices to the Internet is now covering 25% of the ANZ population.

The first cities to receive public IoT connectivity are Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, which encompass 9.6 million people in total. The next cities to be covered will be Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, and a few regional towns which requested to be prioritized. With this milestone, Thinxtra is well on track to cover 85% of the population within the next 14 months.

In parallel to the network deployment, Thinxtra is forming an ecosystem of partners, including device makers, IoT platform providers, system integrators, universities and IoT consultants. Thinxtra now has 25 Ecosystem Partners who have signed up to the Partner Program in the past month and over 100 more in the pipeline to be signed within the next 3 months. Device makers and IoT platform providers represent the bulk of them and demonstrate the strong potential that SIGFOX has to connect millions of objects.

Details about the Thinxtra Partner Program and the portfolio of partners are available at

Loic Barancourt, CEO of Thinxtra said: “These are clear signs that we are not just talking about doing it, we are making LPWAN a reality to connect things that were previously unconnected, thanks to the low cost, low power SIGFOX network, and demonstrating that our vision is shared with industry leaders. SIGFOX not only provides IoT connectivity, but does so under well-defined SLAs and built-in redundancy, in order to meet customers’ business standards”.


Coverage in Sydney – Click for higher resolution


Coverage in Melbourne – Click for higher resolution

About Thinxtra

Thinxtra is the exclusive SIGFOX network operator for Australia & New Zealand. Thinxtra is an Internet of Things (IoT) company founded by IoT experts who share the same passion and expertise: connecting things to improve business processes. Thinxtra is empowering Australia and New Zealand’s Internet of Things with SIGFOX world-leading LPWAN connectivity as well as building a full eco-system of IoT solutions & services to enable the non-connected to connect, increase productivity, accelerate decision making, improve quality of service or simply solve problems in an economic & connected manner.

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About Thinxtra

Thinxtra accelerates business efficiency by connecting assets and making them work smarter. We provide fit-for-purpose Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and solutions that are economically viable and operationally scalable. Thinxtra owns and operates the Sigfox 0G Network in ANZ & HK and is a member of 0G United Nations, the global association of 0G Network Operators and is the exclusive distributor of Soracom cellular IoT services.



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